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  1. To begin with, there are simply no practical alternatives to capitalism that can provide sustainable technological development and at the same time meet the current needs of people. Communism in terms of the economy did not justify itself, which even China, which was converted to a completely capitalist economic model thanks to Deng Xiaoping, was forced to realize in the end, and immediately received explosive economic growth. Socialism, as practice has shown, works only on a solid capitalist base (just compare Sweden with Venezuela) and then this capitalist base is more likely to be ruined by excessive state regulation and encouragement of lumpen and social parasites (as, for example, in the United States and some EU countries).

    Here's the question of the future of society – it has one way or another (unless we consider the option of a global nuclear war or the arrival of a hefty rock from outer space), and the economic structure will only change the quality of this society. The social populism that we are moving towards now, in my opinion, will not do anything particularly good.

  2. Probably, at one time, the supporters of feudalism also considered the feudal system to be the pinnacle of the development of social relations. Today, some consider capitalism to be the apogee of thought. But for a long time now, humanity has been eyeing a new, more progressive model of social and economic relations, socialism. Some will sneer dismissively, but this reaction comes from a small mind, and a limited worldview. Feudal lords, at one time, also disdained the idea of capitalism. As history has shown – in vain.

    Everything that a person does for the first time always turns out either like the first pancake – lumpy, or rough, not hewn, clumsy, the first steps into the new are always difficult, and fraught with falls. But human thought does not stand still, a person learns, draws conclusions, corrects mistakes, finalizes details, and subsequent efforts in the chosen direction already bring more acceptable results. How many aircraft crashed before a person took to the air? How many navigational vehicles were sunk before man learned to build ships capable of crossing the ocean? The model of the future state structure has been tested, has shown its superiority over the capitalist model, has shown its shortcomings, and will now gradually become relevant in more developed countries. It will be refined and implemented where people are more progressive in their thinking.

    Human consciousness is always in development. It develops in the conditions of some social relations, but then it grows out of them and within these relations a person already becomes cramped. His consciousness requires changes, replacing old relationships with new ones, more progressive, more acceptable for the increasing level of development of his thinking. Someone's consciousness develops faster, someone's slower. Someone does not develop at all – it becomes ossified in the swamp of the established, satisfying way of life. Such people are afraid of changes, criticize and throw mud at everything new, because they are no longer capable of spiritual self-development, they do not want to change themselves or their way of life. And those whose thoughts continue to develop are ridiculed, spat on, and rejoiced at their failures. How many critics did the first balloonists have? How many sneers, taunts,” expert ” opinions were voiced about the impossibility of flying? How much contempt was poured out by the feudal lords on the first, aspiring entrepreneurs who tried to increase their capital? Nothing changes. The same swamp of mediocrity reeks of “expert” opinions: nothing will work, it is not possible, it is not viable, there is no alternative. Behind all these statements, the essence is the same-my consciousness has stopped developing, so do not rush.

    In our country, socialism was realized too early. The consciousness of the vast majority of people had not yet reached the appropriate level of development. Today, there are many more progressive-minded people, but the swamp of conservatives is still huge. Personally, I am betting on Norway – where people's minds are more advanced, and they are more likely to come to the need to move to a new level of social relations within the country. But this is just my personal opinion and I can certainly be wrong. Our country also had good chances to come to a developed socialism. But as they say, only a fool with initiative can be worse than a fool, and we have such an initiative fool in the person of Nikita Sergeevich, may he forgive me for my unflattering review. So, we will wait and see which country will be the first to come to the need to switch to a qualitatively new structure of the economy and society. And capitalism, in fact, has already outlived its own-its painful places have been exposed and are becoming more acute – a huge gap in the quality of life of people, the inability to solve global problems (famine, wars, terrorism, illiteracy, epidemics, environmental degradation, destruction of habitable territory on the planet in order to make a profit, etc.).

    On the pososhok, I will quote Elena Prudnikova: “The market is too expensive an economic model to be considered seriously as the future of humanity in our small world with a huge population. Either it will be a “golden billion” that will live for itself and use all other people as raw materials, or it will be socialism.”

  3. Capitalism is an absolutely natural way for people to function. We all have ambitions and dreams, we all love to compete and fight for a place in the sun. Even in totalitarian socialist countries such as the Soviet Union and North Korea, capitalism developed under the surface (tsehoviki), bringing wealth to capitalists and providing the necessary goods/services to consumers. Therefore, it has a future, just as the calf muscles have a future.

  4. Capitalism, for all its shortcomings, is now the best tool for improving the well-being of people and countries ' economies. Is there an alternative? Difficult question.
    There is nothing eternal, if there is a new socio-economic system that will be better, then there will be no future for capitalism, but so far there is no such system

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