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  1. Is there a teetotaler's favorite alcoholic drink? If so, how will teetotallers be teetotallers?

    Is there a hairstyle for bald people? If so, how will the bald be bald?

    Is there a favorite meat variety for vegans? If so, how will vegans be vegans?

    Is there a leg size for legless people? If so, how will the legless be legless?

    Your question is meaningless. Atheism is the denial of God, it is freedom from religion. Atheists don't have a god by definition.

  2. All gods are ideal beings, that is, they exist only in the minds of people who believe in them. As long as there are believers in him, God exists. Gods die when you stop believing in them. So the ancient Egyptian Sun god Ra died, the Greco-Roman Olympian gods, the ancient Slavic gods are still alive, but Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Shiva feels great. Atheists do not believe in any gods, so there is no god of atheism.

  3. Again, people confuse Atheists and Agnostics. Atheism is a complete denial of the existence of super-natural forces, that is, they have no gods. And agnostics deny God, only because of the lack of information about his existence. And, in fact, Agnostics create most modern religions, such as Pastafarianism. Atheists deny the existence of any gods.

    We wish you all the best.

  4. Atheists are just like believers for different reasons. Some were taught this way, others looked at what was happening in the world, especially if they were personally affected by some misfortune and could not understand or no one could explain why God allows suffering, became atheists, others looked at how representatives of religious movements behave, and their parishioners stopped believing in God, others were carried away by worldly life because they loved more what this world offers but contradicts the Word of God Just as God created our digestive system and added to it the desire to eat, from which we derive joy, so he instilled in us the need for spiritual things, as well as the desire to satisfy these needs. And by the way, this is how we differ from the animal world. Only each person satisfies these needs in different ways, as he wants, or as he understands, as he was taught. In any case, everyone chooses for themselves. Atheists believe in the theory of evolution, and this is also a belief because no one has ever seen evolution in action. For example, millions of years. Or they say that God is not visible, so he is not there. So evolution, millions of years ago, so it didn't exist, and this is also a religion, because they also have their own God, holy scriptures and prophets. For example, Darwin and his followers and their writings. Although no one has seen evolution in action, people believe in it and believe their prophets, because if not for them, they would not have known about this belief in evolution, and this is a relatively young religion, since before almost all people believed in this or that God, but believed that there was someone higher. Such a faith as atheism also has its own temples, for example, institutes and educational institutions where evolution is preached from the first grade-parishioners. As many religions are in different gods, so many religions are in evolution, because there are just as many theories in evolution, and this suggests that the theory of evolution is not a scientific fact, but an assumption if they contradict each other. Everyone talks about what they believe. But neither believers nor atheists are born. This quality is cultivated through knowledge. For example the Bible says that faith is through hearing the word,

    “Faith therefore comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Rom.

    If faith in God comes through hearing or learning from the word of God, that is, through accurate knowledge from the Bible (something that even quite a few believers miss), then the atheist's faith comes through the theory of evolution, also knowledge from the word of people. Therefore, who puts what knowledge in their mind and heart and develops such faith. But according to the Bible, faith is not credulity ( which is what many believers sin), Faith is something that can be tested. Unfortunately, often both believers in God and atheists are not inclined to test their faith in order to give convincing evidence first of all to themselves, in confirmation of what they believe and why, but they believe in words. The Apostle Paul encourages you to test your faith,

    “Examine yourselves to see if you are in the faith; examine yourselves. Or do you not know yourself that Jesus Christ is in you? Unless you are what you should be. ” (2 Corinthians 13: 5)

    This check will help you see what else is worth working on and what to change in your life. But when certain beliefs and a habitual way of life take root in a person, it is difficult for him to find the strength to change something in himself, even when it is obvious to him that he was wrong. Therefore, older people often tend to say, ” Yes, I am so sinful that everything is already there, nothing will help me, and on the one hand, they are ready to believe at the same time that there is no God, as well as in unconfirmed evolution. However, omitting that God waits to the end and is long-suffering.

    “The Lord is not slow in fulfilling his promise, as some regard it as slowness; but he is patient with us, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance “(2 Pet. 3: 9).

    God is ready to approach everyone if anyone refuses to take the first step:

    “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you …” (James 4: 8)

    How do I do this? But this is a slightly different topic.

  5. The god of atheism certainly exists. But atheists don't believe in it. That's why he's very bored and lonely.:)

    But seriously, atheism is a philosophical concept based on a lack of faith in the gods. However, due to the fact that this is a philosophical concept, not a sect or a trademark, everyone is free to use it at their own risk. Someone expands the concept to all supernatural entities, someone narrows it down to a single god. There is no method to distinguish an atheist from a deist or agnostic, or a right atheist from a wrong atheist. So it's more a matter of self-identification.

    So if you've met an atheist, it might be helpful to clarify exactly what they meant.

  6. In form, atheism is a denial of the existence of God (a-theism, “a” – denial, “theos” – God). But at its core, atheism tries to put man in the place of God. And in this sense there is a God in atheism) This is a person.

    An atheist is a human being, so by putting a human being in the place of God, he automatically claims to be God himself. But to become a God, he needs to reject other people as Gods. So in this sense, he remains an atheist: -)

  7. God of atheism is, �in the host of Satan's deities has the name hammer, hammer from English, hence the image of the hammer on the coins and coats of arms of many countries (especially often in the countries of the former USSR), the sickle is a variant of the scythe , a symbol of bodily death. The task of atheism is to deny the existence of a Consubstantial Triune and Indivisible God, the Creator of all things, replacing It with science ( there was a whole discipline in the USSR called scientific atheism), but it is not necessary to believe in Satan, atheists are already his servants, although they do not yet know this. DEATH , as a finite “physical, visible existence” pushes atheists to “strive for the material, momentary” (not eternal, spiritual, saving) – these are the main and main tools of Satan!

  8. There are several “atheistic” gods – mythical beings in whose honor atheists create churches.

    The most famous atheist religion is the Flying Macaroni Monster Church. In addition to this organization, there is a belief in an invisible pink unicorn, a kettle flying between Earth and Mars, as well as a belief in the intelligent fall of objects.

    The idea is that the deities of atheists serve not to worship, but to defend “religious feelings”, which, following the example of “traditional religions”, are often very absurd. A striking example is photographing official documents in religious headdresses, no matter whether it is a burqa or a colander.

    And, by the way, Satanism is a religion of atheists. Public atheists have long avoided “blood sacrifice and orgies,” especially in the name of Satan. Currently, the figure of the Devil is very often used in the same discourse of religious propaganda, when in multi-religious countries, for example in the United States, it is necessary to cool down the hot Christian fervor and religious agitation. So, Satanists in one of the states were going to produce a religious children's educational book at public expense. Or put it next to the Oklahoma Capitol�sitting on a throne surrounded by the children of Baphomet, based on the fact that there is a monument with Christian commandments nearby.

  9. It is difficult to believe, but it must be recognized that the god of atheism is the same Jewish God that Hellenized Christianity also designated as “father”.�

    The Holy Apostle Jacques Lacan, rather briskly defined that “the atheism of the encyclopedists” (Rousseau, Voltaire) speaks the language of seminaries, which means that it could not particularly violate the system, and no matter how loudly and rudely they declare themselves about it, it does not provide any break with religion (even he himself will not answer the question of what motivates him more or less truthfully). Because any picture of the world detached from ” creationism “is so saturated with various types of mystical views that it makes it possible to find yourself on the horse of all kinds of bad esotericism, and at the same time not to injure” theism ” as such (in the theory of evolution, the big bang, and so on, it fits more than). All the attacks of this atheism are based on such a naive model that, on the one hand, they remove from the clerics the appearance that absolutely everyone noticed and it was no secret to anyone, on the other, they find a much deeper appearance under it, which does not allow them to discharge this pleasure of contemplating the naked unconscious, because they are more interested in what is in the There are “atheists*” who are more interested in solving this contradiction than in simple logical negation, and there, by means of far from higher mathematics, they were able to get out of the restrictions imposed on restrictions into a world that works differently. And here there is no contradiction in the presence of God and atheists on the same ship.

    In written form, curiosity can warm up this text, and in oral form, you can listen to a lecture by Alexander Smulyansky, from the Lacan Educational Program cycle, which also explains the reason why science is becoming less attractive to public thought than theology.

  10. Hello. Atheists are also believers. For example, an atheist BELIEVES that the elevator will reach, not fall. He believes in airplanes and steamboats. Or does an atheist check the vehicle's technical condition every time? Believes doctors before surgery. Do you often ask for a doctor's degree and work experience?
    And more. Since it is impossible to prove the absence of God, atheists simply believe in it.

  11. There is no God of atheism. But not every religion presupposes a God. For example, Buddhism denies gods. The absence of God in a person's worldview does not make his worldview non-religious. Atheists will find out how hard it is to be atheists. Here, after all, the main thing is not the presence in the absence of God, but the desire to make fun of someone else's worldview and throw a pack at someone who does not fight back.

  12. There is no God of atheism. But not every religion presupposes a God. For example, Buddhism denies gods. The absence of God in a person's worldview does not make his worldview non-religious. Atheists will find out how hard it is to be atheists. Here, after all, the main thing is not the presence
    or absence of God, but the desire to make fun of someone else's worldview and throw a pack at someone who does not fight back.

  13. Alas, Andrey, the God of atheism has existed for a long time, although many people do not even know about his existence. His nicknames are Liar and Slanderer, because his real name is forgotten! The Bible calls this powerful person “the God of this world.” Therefore, humanity under the control of this God is slipping further and further into the abyss of deception, slander and lies, from which many people will never get out. It is precisely because the God of atheism exists that liars in our world win and prevail over honest people. That is why the United States, as a global empire of deception and lies, is at the head of the entire world economy. Therefore, it is ridiculous to say that the God of atheism does not exist, because no one has ever seen him!�

    3 But if our gospel of Jesus Christ is closed, it is closed to those who are lost,
    4 to those who do not believe in him, whose minds have been blinded by the God of this world, so that the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the Son of his heavenly father, the invisible God, may not shine upon them. (2 Corinthians 4: 3,4)

  14. Modern atheists are full of cults and beliefs. Here are some of them: belief in science, progress, and universalism.

    Many atheists listen to horoscopes, go to fortune tellers and all that.

    There are also communists who worship Lenin, Stalin and other leaders.

    There are NS who greet each other with the words “Sieg heil”, raising their hands in a pagan salute, which means” Glory to Victory “and like to shout” Heil Hitler”, paying homage to another leader.

    Such are our “atheists”. Rejecting faith in Christ, for example, because it is supposedly outdated, it is stupidity, darkness and obscurantism, they willingly begin to believe in completely maddened, obscurantistic and frankly stupid things.

  15. an absurd question. what does the author mean by atheism?

    Atheism is the denial of God and other supernatural dominion over people. how can atheists have a god?

    perhaps you are confusing them with Satanists?

  16. No of course it doesn't exist. By definition, atheism is the denial of the existence of God and the rejection of religions. But some individuals, including atheists, believe in pastafarianism with great, completely unrecognizable, religious irony. The answer to this paradox lies in the same irony… If this belief were widespread, then perhaps every Pastafarian in Russia could be sued for”insulting the feelings of believers.” However, this does not happen for the same reason that believers do not understand the meaning of the above irony.

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