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  1. Undoubtedly there is, but such a statement hardly belongs to the category of philosophy, much less politics (stated in the category of the question).

    Well, for example, “Rain drips from the sky”.

  2. A phrase that everyone who lives in Russia will agree with: “You live in Russia.”

    If he does not agree, then he does not live in Russia and should not be included in the survey.

  3. I can't say for the whole of Russia,of course,I don't share this opinion myself,but if you say that Putin is the best president, I think many will agree(alas, they will agree).

  4. Should we strive to have such a phrase? Here we always want “unity”,” unity”, etc., when developed societies have reached their developed state precisely because of the diversity of views, judgments and ways of life.

  5. A person may not agree that good is better than evil if they have a low level of morality, do evil things for their own benefit, and consider good to be a manifestation of weakness and naivety, for example.

    In general, there is no such statement. Pluralism of opinions, lack of knowledge, or simply being harmful will not allow 140 million people to agree unanimously on anything.

  6. Freedom is better than no freedom, alas, disappears.

    Killing is bad, unfortunately, too.

    But maybe at least – good is better than evil? (at the same time, it is clear that everyone understands the good in their own way)

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