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  1. You can look at the sun through a telescope twice: once with your left eye, and once with your right.

    The main way of cognition of the surrounding space is perception through the senses.

    If we accept their existence, that is enough.

    If not, then we can trust the possibility of being killed by another person (as in war) rather than prove the existence of third-party forces.

    The second method can only be used once.

  2. Depends on what you mean by “exists”. But I don't see much point in denying the existence of specific things around you, say, your body, because pain is a real enough feeling to know that everything is happening for real. It will be difficult for you to deny the existence of a knife that cuts your hand, and I can't imagine what good that denial can do.

  3. A good punch in the ear or somewhere else in the alley will immediately convince me that there is someone else in this matrix. The outside world is constantly invading our lives and it is rarely possible to isolate ourselves from it…

  4. No, it doesn't exist. You can declare yourself-the only being in whose mind there is an infinite universe and all the manifestations of Being. It doesn't change anything, in the Universe and Being, from the point of view of formal logic, you can even deduce all the laws of Mathematics and Physics from this point of view. On the other hand, with the end of Your existence in your current form, not only will nothing change in the universe, but you will simply be gone, and that's all. Many who have questioned the objectivity of the Universe do not just feed worms, but have long since turned into minerals, gases and metals in the universe. And this is also an endless process.

  5. For a person who is convinced that everything is a projection of himself, that is, the visible world is seen by me as it seems to me; there is no convincing conceivable evidence to the contrary, since this hallucination is closed on itself, but it breaks down when you stumble upon the experience of knowledge, that is, experiment, and you will be convinced of something and thinking that this is true you will stumble upon an objective discrepancy between your truth and the actual truth and all your conviction that nothing else exists besides you will fail.

  6. For a stubborn solipsist, there is no evidence at all – he argues and communicates only with himself (as it seems to him).

    Therefore, it is better not to argue with him, but to quietly step aside.

  7. Yes, there is clear and convincing evidence that there is something other than”I”. This proof is the multiplicity of these selves. Here you think that the whole world is illusory except for your “I”, so did the people who lived before you, and have not existed for a long time. For me, your “I” is as illusory as the whole world around me, and for you, I am illusory. This is a very important question, but the answer is simple: there is no absolute, there is relativity. An extreme point of view is possible, but it is also relative if you compare it with something. Personally, for me as a person, your reasoning about the fact that you exist is extremely ridiculous (conditionally), and as soon as you close your eyes, I disappear. No. While you blink, I calmly eat myself, and the sandwich doesn't blink in my hand. Accordingly, as a rational being, I can assume the same thing about myself – that it is ridiculous for you to think that while I blink ,you are writhing between worlds trying to eat a sandwich. I am illusory to you, and my self is doubly illusory to you. And I am. Take my word for it. And I believe you.

  8. Yes, of course there is, you can conduct an experiment that will completely eliminate doubt. To do this, a basket is taken in which cash and expensive alcohol are added and all this is displayed at any city bus stop. if after 3-4 hours the basket is not there, or its contents, then you are not alone, something or someone is there besides you.

  9. Both yes and no.

    Just try to prove to me that you exist. Of course, you can quote Descartes, but can you even prove to yourself that you think? No. For if you don't think(and you can't prove the existence of thinking to me), then you have no idea what it is, and therefore you can't assert it, and therefore you can't prove your existence to me, any more than I can prove mine to you.

  10. This is a well – known philosophical doctrine-solipsism. You can read more about this in Wikipedia, meaning what arguments are given by philosophers who support this doctrine. And since this has not gone beyond the scope of the philosophical position, there is accordingly no convincing evidence, say at the level of a scientific experiment, proving that this is indeed the case.

  11. Yes, there is such evidence . You see other people, animals .You can hear the sounds they make . You inhale the smell . what these people and animals smell like . When you touch them, you touch something, so it's not emptiness – it's something that exists besides you, just like you , at this moment in time . This is not enough for you and you need some more otherworldly supernatural forces and evidence of their existence – then read the Bible – it just describes the evidence of the existence of such forces ? There is little evidence in the Bible – then read both the Koran and the Torah, etc. , all religious publications that describe the existence of such forces . They , at least, describe good Higher forces .

  12. It depends on what you mean by “compelling evidence”. For me, such convincing evidence in this particular case is my sense of the existence of the world, my inner confidence serves as an argument and argument. In general, if we proceed from the definition, we cannot know whether something exists objectively, because objectively means independent of the subject, and I do not know a non-subject who could tell us this.

  13. well, if there is only me, then I will cause everything that happens(what I see, hear, feel…) me too!
    I would never do such a thing… just imagination at some moments would not be enough to do such a weird thing. Especially insects! But maybe my brain is just fooling me and saying, ” Hey, man, this info is new to you! feel your free will to know!” “but then what am I in relation to my own brain?”
    and I can also influence him, like: “hey, biomass, I don't like that one anymore, stop stuffing me with memories, I don't feel so good.. Or I won't live like this anymore, I don't know what to change yet, but I won't.
    In short, what I am is also not clear and who in this multi-complex, multi-storey building is the owner, and who is the tenant remains a question

  14. The period when you were born and were a baby – you didn't have your own Self. You couldn't take care of yourself at all. If others hadn't done it, you wouldn't have survived, grown up, and shaped your question.

  15. If an author or other solipsist who denies reality can get rid of this answer, in which I turn their arguments into shit and flush their thinking down the toilet, then I don't exist. And if solipsists can't do anything, then they will have to accept the fact that the real world is around them, which they don't really care about ))

    If solipsists, deniers of reality, can also spit on the world and not go to school, work, do not eat or drink, then they will prove their case by their death, and if they are FORCED to meet the requirements of OTHERS around them, then by this forced behavior they prove that the world is objective.

    So – if the solipsist eats, drinks and shits, then the world is objective and if the solipsist died, then the world has definitely disappeared ))

  16. Of course, your existence is proof that everything around you also exists. Your world was born with your birth and exists because of your existence.

  17. Nothing exists but you. Everything is you. Only this should be understood correctly.. “everything is you” is not only the body and the person who perceives it, it is literally everything . The chair is you, the other is you, the cat is you. And you don't need to have confirmation of this for each other , certified by natarius:) it's just the essence of unity… God is a building material, what's wrong with having dolls on his fingers that think they're not one???)

    There is an excellent work on this topic by a well-known author in narrow circles: Jed McKenna

    “Theory of Everything”

  18. The simplest thing that comes to mind. There are fossils. There are historical items. Their age can be determined by physical and mathematical methods that prove their existence before you were born. And your very life is proof that you are just a grain of sand in the desert. The body functions according to certain laws that you can't change. Try a small electric shock, burn, puncture, cut, poisoning. It all works regardless of your mindset. Your body is aging whether you want it or not. Etc…

  19. Yes, this proof is functional. If it is already proven that you exist, then you act. Any opposition to your will, any discrepancy between your will and the result of your action, proves that you are not alone.

  20. For me, the main refutation of Sollipsism is that I am constantly learning something new. Here you can say, yeah, so it's all new in my head anyway, just “opened up”to me. And then contradictions begin to climb with terrible speed. If this is in my head, then there is a certain ” I “that does not yet know, for example, how to use a hammer in Spanish, and a certain” greater I ” in which this knowledge is already contained. So it turns out that in my head a lot of personalities live who don't know much about each other at all. If I identify myself with this smaller “I”, which does not yet know many things that other” I ” know, then somehow it turns out that I recognize myself as only part of this system. So it turns out there are some other ” I ” and a certain environment where these other “I” live.

  21. Oh! I like your question! I also love the theory of subjective idealism, and you know, it's easier to perceive the world that way. A kind of egoist-egocentric theory. There is no proof! Matter and being do not exist, everything around us is a figment of the imagination: P

  22. No, there is no such evidence. Solipsism, as an extreme form of subjective idealism, is very difficult to criticize. If only for the reason that any criticism solipsist can say that criticism is just his imagination, and now he will wake up in another reality, which also does not exist.�

    By the way, in the alternate ending of The Matrix – which perfectly illustrates this point – Zion was also part of the matrix, so that everyone who escaped from the matrix would not actually escape anywhere.

    Well, smeshariki is also in the topic:


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