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  1. The essence of Adam and Jesus ' coolness is not in the way they were born, but in their actions. Adam lost paradise by sinning, thereby condemning his race to suffering, and Jesus saved his race – humanity-from suffering in the afterlife.

  2. If I may say so , then Adam is inferior to Jesus in the degree of “cruteness”.

    Adam is the creation of God the father, made of clay.

    Jesus is a child of God the father , in other words, he is originally of divine blood. The son of God in human form.

    It is necessary to understand the purposes for which God came to earth.

    As far as we know from the Bible, there was no heaven before the first coming, as such, sinners and the righteous went to hell after death. Jesus came into the world of men to deliver them from sin, to bring the righteous out of hell, and to guide sinners to the right path . Based on this, I assume that God appeared to people in human form for more familiar perception, but this does not negate his divine origin.

    Further reasoning may well pass for heresy, so do not go deeper into Satan. I hope the gist of the answer is clear 🙂

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