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  1. What is the situation with this in your family? If there are no “people of color”, then why? And isn't that racist?

    Or maybe racism consists precisely in seeking out “people of color”?

  2. No more racist than the lack of them among my acquaintances. I've never had a chance to come across blacks up close, there aren't very many of them in Moscow. If I had a chance, and I would refuse to communicate with them, because they are Negroes – there would be racism. If it happened, but communication didn't work out, because there are no common interests – then it's not racism.

    Of course, if I just don't know something, and the ruling family of Lichtenschnein is noticed that they did not allow, for example, one of their representatives to marry a black man, because he is black, then they are, of course, racists. Was there such a thing?

  3. Of course:) �

    The question is not quite correctly formulated – but it is correct to put it this way-if someone fell in love with a Negress or a Negro-how would the rest of these react… listocrats…

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