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  1. “The Heavenly Father has many mansions” ! Your question is answered by the Scripture-coordinates of meanings. Earth is a cradle only for us earthlings. We are here only to exercise our granted freedom of choice: Life (out of time) and the Kingdom or eternal death. Be born spiritually or die. Without this freedom, you cannot become a god, and the Lord warned His chosen ones: “I said: you are gods”! And when the full number of the chosen ones enters , “The earth and all its works will burn up.” And those who strive to be saved – those who read the holy Fathers-know that the” narrow entrance ” to the shining universes of the spiritual world is located in everyone's heart (literally in the chest).

  2. The Almighty did not create it, he did not participate in this process, but clearly knew more, No, this does not mean that he is a joker, hell is also not for jokes, and he did not create the universe.

  3. Klim, you asked the question overland. Well done.

    I will answer you, with the help of the Bible and astronomy. Not based on human speculation.

    Romans 11: 33 ” O abyss of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How incomprehensible are his judgments, and how unsearchable are his ways!” . It is not possible for us to understand such wealth in our 50-80 years.

    Why He created such a non-voluminous universe, in his Scripture (the Bible) does not explain.

    But from this we can learn a lot about Its qualities.

    1. What a powerful force He has to create the universe. Astronomers estimate that there are tens of billions of galaxies in the universe. The galaxies don't interfere with each other. There are more than 100 billion stars in a single galaxy. How big a number is it to have such power, to create a universe?
    2. Wisdom God is rich.
    • The universe was created by no matter how. View our solnechnuyu system. Each planet is in its own orbit, they are located so that they do not interfere with each other, but interact with each other.
    • For example, Jupiter, most of it falls on comets, thereby protects the earth. Other planets also play a role.
    • And the earth itself is very amazing.
    • It will land at such a distance that living things and goodness can live. Distances of 150�million kilometers from Earth to solnce. If the Earth were located a little closer to the Sun, then all the water on it would evaporate, and if it was located a little further away, then the water would simply freeze. Any deviation from the norm would make our planet lifeless. Isn't it good? So done wisely, which is characteristic of God.
    • From this we can draw a conclusion. Why Did He Create The Universe? So that we can learn about His power and wisdom.
    • There are two other important qualities. If you're interested and want to know. Write to me and I'll answer.
  4. If you open the first page of the Holy Qur'an, the second verse in the first chapter reads as follows: “Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.” Theologians, interpreting this Qur'anic verse, tell us that at any point in space there are 18 thousand worlds, no matter where a person's gaze falls.

  5. The Creator creates because this is His nature, and all creations (even those that we do not understand) arise “out of an abundance of Goodness.” Alchemists called God the “Great Alchemist” and creation itself the alchemical process.

    Creation is “extra-causal” in human coordinate systems and is a sacred act by definition.

  6. You know, I was once the same as you, I asked a lot of questions, What ? How? What for? Why? And so on.
    And I found all the answers, from the smallest to the biggest.
    Read the Qur'an, it will take you a month at most, but you will get all your questions answered 😌
    And read it in full and slowly, it is not possible to get an answer to the question without listening to it to the end.

  7. I think we are just as much a creation as any point of view, and such a creation, like the point of view, justifiably exists in order to complement the universe. Perhaps the universe knows itself in this way, through us, some aspect, manifestation, property of its own. The universe is full of such crowns of creation, each of which is as perfect as it is incomplete in its development.

    Then, we are the crown of creation only on our own evolutionary branch, just like ants on their own, or mushrooms. We borrow a large number of technologies from the animal world. This is how the applied science of Bionics is created. It collects observable data on the application in technical devices and systems of the principles of organization, properties, functions and structures of wildlife, that is, forms of living things in nature and their industrial analogues.

  8. Your question contains a rhetorical trick – hiding the unsubstantiation of the statement. The creation of the universe by a higher intelligence is not proven, nor is the very existence of a higher intelligence or a higher being. The idea of religious denominations about the structure of the universe is neither scientific nor relevant to reality. It's just mythology.
    And if you answer in the key of theoretical ideas about the supreme being, then the reasons for his actions are incomprehensible to the human mind. Simply put: and fuck knows, maybe for fun:))

  9. This statement does not necessarily imply that there is a creator.

    Yes, we are the crown. And as long as there is no argument against it (we have not made contact with humanoids), it will be so.

    And the presence of the creator is a completely different story that has nothing to do with wearing a crown))

  10. The question itself is rather rude,and it is similar to how a child from city X asked “why did people create all the cities in the world? For fun?” If it's difficult to answer a large-scale question, just zoom out and you'll see for yourself.

  11. The universe is just as habitable as the planet Earth is. The Six-dimensional theory of the Bartini universe. But Bartini was also wrong, because the universe is infinitely dimensional. Well, God created man as man created a mirror, and in both cases the desired result should have been the reflection of the creator.

  12. We must not forget that humans were created in the number of two pieces at the very end of creation. And, probably, in order to somehow interact with this inanimate matter (inanimate in terms of inanimate), explore it, study it, improve it, that's all. But, of course, the divine motives for this are unknown to people, and relying on the Bible, which has been retold and rewritten thousands of times (and there is no definite answer there), it seems to me that in such serious things as a divine plan, it is not the most correct action. Well, we can hardly ask the Creator, because, as Comrade Nietzsche said, God is dead.

    UPD. I will add that the general idea is that, based on the conditions of the problem, the universe is not the crown of creation. But the person does.�

    PS Let me remind you that if we talk about creativity, the less voluminous you make your idea without losing meaning, ideas and inner harmony, the more expressive and better it turns out. Works from haiku to game design.

  13. The answer to this question may be the theory of large numbers. The closer to infinity, the higher the probability of occurrence of one or another, even the most improbable (sorry for the tautology) event, such as, for example, the appearance of intelligent life. Why do fish lay hundreds of eggs and plants spread thousands of seeds? “it's a way to increase your chances of survival, and at the same time provide diversity. In the variety of sizes and shapes of galaxies, the size of stars and their planetary systems-exactly the same meaning-somewhere there will be conditions favorable for the origin of life, for its development.

    If we take the creationist position, we can assume that someone-whether a higher being or entity, or a civilization that has reached such heights of progress-is capable of producing a Big Bang that will lead to the formation of a new universe. In this case, the goal will be to create a universe so large that intelligent life is guaranteed to appear in it. At least, that's probably what we would have done as an intelligent civilization. Moreover, it would most likely make sense to create a large number of such universes.

    Here you may wonder why anyone would want to create the universe at all, and also for the purpose of creating intelligent life. The answer can be found in the same place-in the household plane. If “Our Father” is not just an appeal, but a postulation of the fact that the creator is a parent, and the children created by him are his children, then it is logical to assume that sooner or later children grow up, grow up and have offspring themselves. The main difference between a human being and other life forms is that he is aware of himself as a person and knows that he is mortal. People know they're going to die. Humanity already knows that both the Earth and the Sun are doomed to disappear, and the Milky Way is waiting for a collision with the Andromeda galaxy. That is, the development of space exploration programs is not a whim of scientists and politicians, but an urgent need if we want to survive as a species and as a civilization. But if you look even further, it is clear that the universe, one way or another, is also doomed. Scientists argue about how it will end its existence, but it is clear to everyone that sooner or later it will happen. In the end, we must accept the fact that our existence will end, as a person accepts the inevitability of death. Then we reassure ourselves that our descendants will live after us. On a universal scale, this means that we must attend to “procreation” – the creation of other universes.

    Is it possible that our appearance is the fruit of such a development? It is not so important whether we had a Creator, and who created the Creator. It is important that we recognize the value of the gift we have received and think about how to preserve it.

  14. Material creation is created so that living beings can play their chosen roles and create their own destiny, each time reincarnating in a new body corresponding to the independent desires that they had at the time of the previous destruction of the universe. There are 8,400,000 forms of life in the material world to fulfill all the various desires of living entities. A living being goes through them all,starting with the lowest and ending with the highest – human. If a person spends his life only in satisfying the four lower needs, such as food, sleep, copulation and self-defense, without consciously trying to develop such qualities as mercy, purity,self-sacrifice,self-restraint, etc., then he will approach the time of his death with low inclinations. Since the proper environment is required for the exercise of these inclinations,he will be given the opportunity to be born again,in conditions best adapted to the exercise of his evil designs. At the same time,its ability to actively act will be more and more limited, since the laws of nature will not allow anyone to harm other living beings with impunity. This restriction can be expressed in the form of being born into a degraded family, lack of beauty, being persecuted by the authorities, and not being able to get a good education. Gradually, if a person does not come to his senses, he will simply receive an animal life form again,and again he will have to go through the entire cycle of births in 8,400,000 life forms.�

    On the contrary,by making a conscious effort to develop the qualities that are conventionally called divine,a person gets the opportunity to be born in wonderful conditions, where he will not have to make significant efforts to earn a living, etc., and he can use the free time to serve all living beings and to develop his knowledge about the structure of the world.By developing this understanding of the world and increasing compassion and mercy,one will be born in more and more elevated conditions,until at last one can transcend the material creation and enter the society of the inhabitants of the Spiritual world who are filled with devotion to their master and master,the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

  15. The human form of life is the perfect place to ask questions about God. This is evidenced by all the holy scriptures available to man.
    The Vedanta Sutra begins with the sentence: athato-brahma-jijnasa.
    which means: As you are reading this, you should know that the time has come to question the Absolute Truth. The Vedanta Sutra gives very concise answers to questions about the Absolute Truth!
    The author of the Vedanta-sutra, has written a commentary on Srimad-Bhagavatam.
    Srimad Bhagavatam describes the purpose of material creation, the visible space, as a hospital for living entities who have turned away from God. In the hospital there are service personnel, from among the convalescents, there are also doctors who visit the Hospital – these are saints who give us (People) the holy scriptures.
    Therefore, the purpose of creation is to bring back a living entity who has been caught in the clutches of the material world by a misunderstanding, to eternal Life-to cure him, and to bring him back home, back to Godhead.

  16. The point is that for the sake of our carnal children, the entire universe was created so that we could enjoy life, and not just exist. See the starry sky, planets, Sun and Moon. That's why our eyesight is extraordinary. We are children of God, thinking and reflecting. And the universe develops according to the laws established by the Creator and also for our sake! How He loves his children!

  17. There is a very interesting aspect here.

    In simple terms, God simply DIDN'T HAVE THE TIME to create the universe.

    Now I'll explain. The moment of formation of the universe is also the moment of the” start ” of time. There was simply no time ahead of time as such. This necessary fourth dimension did not exist. Dimensions (I'm talking about spatial, conventionally x, y and z, and the time axis) appeared at the time of the formation of the universe: time began, space appeared, and before that neither existed.

    So it is not entirely correct to say that God created the universe. I repeat, he simply could not create it due to lack of time.

  18. The answer to this question is impossible to find, considering the world to be anthropocentric. God does not have dead creatures. What we consider inanimate is not so. Not the universe for us, but everything for everyone.

  19. To date, we do not know all His plans for the Universe, but I can make this assumption: the size of the Universe is intended to testify to the greatness of the Creator who created it.�

    Remember Kant? “Two things always fill the soul with a new and stronger wonder and awe, the more often and for a long time we reflect on them – these are the starry sky above me and the moral law in me.”�

    The Bible says, ” The heavens proclaim the glory of God, and the firmament proclaims the works of his hands “(Psalm 18: 2).

  20. Hinduism claims that the entire universe is inhabited by intelligent beings with different levels of consciousness development, and man is not the highest form of life in the universe. According to the Puranas, there is life, for example, in the Sun, but this is a fundamentally different form of life, where the body of living beings is made of the fire element.

    The whole universe is a place of soul evolution, a big school with different classes and different subjects studied in them. On the lower planets, technology is highly developed. Higher beings are more likely to draw happiness from within and cultivate themselves.

    The human form of life is not important because man is God's most perfect creation. There are much more advanced living beings, and yet man occupies a special place on the evolutionary ladder. A special privilege of a person is freedom of choice. The human form of life is a crossroads where the soul chooses one of four paths. From the human level, the soul can degrade and descend again into less developed forms, or more extroverted forms of life, it can remain on the same level, it can evolve and get a more perfect body within the material universe, or it can leave the material universe and return to the spiritual world.

  21. It is Allah Who created the seven heavens and the seven earths,

    Among them His commands descend,

    So that you may know the full power of His might

    And a comprehensive coverage of His knowledge!

    Translation of the meanings of the Qur'an (Surah Talaq 12 ayat) by V. Porokhova

  22. In Buddhism, no one created the universe and people, accordingly, are not the crown of creation, because there was no creation. Samsara exists forever, and only a few beings who are able to attain enlightenment leave it. Human birth is only considered extremely favorable for understanding the Dhamma (The Teachings that are revealed by Samasambuddas who come to the world), because a person no longer experiences such severe suffering as hellish creatures (naraks), animals and hungry spirits (something like Russian folk evil spirits) and his mind is able to perceive reality more adequately compared to the above-mentioned beings. On the other hand, compared to the gods who enjoy eternal bliss, who no longer want to comprehend any wisdom, man still has his pound of bad luck. That is, the balance of pleasure and suffering in human life is most favorable for understanding the truth.

  23. “Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds!” – this is the beginning of Surah Al-Fatiha, from which we learn that in addition to our world-the world of people-there are many other worlds. There is the world of plants, the world of animals, the world of angels, the world of jinns, and perhaps many others that we may not know about.

    Different numbers of worlds are transmitted. For example, Muqatil(may Allaah be pleased with him) says that there are 80 thousand worlds, Zahhaq (may Allaah be pleased with him) says that there are 360 worlds where their inhabitants are naked, barefooted and do not know their Creator, and 60 thousand worlds where the inhabitants are clothed and shod and know their Creator. Wahb (may Allaah be pleased with him) says that there are 18 thousand worlds in the universe, and this world in which we live is one of them. The Ka'bul'ahbar (may Allaah be pleased with him) says that the exact number of worlds is not known to anyone except Allaah (Fathulmubin, Ibnihajar Al-Haythami, p. 8).

    And Allah knows best about everything.


  24. I think the answer can be very simple – there is no “supreme” who created the universe and man. Both the first and the second are the result of the spontaneous development of matter, which arose due to the random confluence of many different factors. The universe, for example, emerged from an extreme state of physical vacuum generated by quantum fluctuations. Man is in the process of evolution, originating from coacervates in primary broth. This, as much as we would like, is not a drop of intelligent design, there is no caring master, no enthusiastic puppeteer, no bored player.�

    The idea of a certain “supreme” appears only after millions and millions of years of the development of matter, due to the peculiarities of the human psyche, which requires humanizing, endowing all phenomena of the external world with a certain creator. Such cases.

  25. Religion was not created for a consistent description of the world order. She has other goals. Which is easy to guess looking at the rich decoration and height of the temples.

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