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  1. According to article 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, everyone has the right to a nationality. According to the second paragraph of Article 3 of Federal Law No. 62-FZ of May 31, 2002 “On Citizenship of the Russian Federation”, citizenship of the Russian Federation is a stable legal relationship of a person with the Russian Federation, expressed in the totality of their mutual rights and obligations. One of the ways to acquire citizenship is filiation, that is, acquiring citizenship by birth: if you were born to Russian citizens, then you automatically become a citizen of the Russian Federation, plus there are several other cases (for example, if one parent is a citizen of the Russian Federation, and the other is a foreigner, then the child will become a citizen of the Russian Federation if From the moment of acquiring citizenship, a person acquires all the relevant rights and bears the corresponding obligations. If states did not grant their citizenship by birth, then there would be a huge number of stateless people in the world, and this is not beneficial to anyone — neither the state (then it will be more difficult for it to demand something from the people), nor people (they will not be able to count on at least some state support).

  2. Giving birth to a child is a legal fact that is the beginning of a legal relationship, the content of which is rights and obligations. But under the age of 18, you have a huge range of rights that are both the responsibility of our parents and their surrogates. While studying at school, we all (or most of us) heard that this is our responsibility, but Part 4 of Article 43 of the KRF states: Basic general education is mandatory. Parents or their surrogates ensure that children receive basic general education. If you exaggerate, then children should not chew the “granite of science” independently. And there is no need to talk about signing anything here…

  3. Based on a birth certificate. And you will not have to immediately, but when you reach the age of majority. Parents should also pay the state. Alas and ah.

    Your signature will not be required. But you can also avoid this disgrace – if you become disabled. Then everyone will owe you money….

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