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  1. Pavlensky is a freak of our time. A hero is a person who either did something heroic, or if we talk about literary interpretation, a person who somehow shows typical features of society. Thank God, the society I see around me considers Pavlensky a freak, and not its hero. And I'm happy about that.

  2. The very fact that someone asks such questions makes me sad… Attention to him as a media person, and even more so as a hero-sur. There is a shortage of outstanding and talented, unbiased people in our country(

  3. I think you've got the concepts mixed up a bit. The expression “hero of our time” does not mean a heroic person, but a typical (or easily recognizable) representative of modern society. In general, it is used more in a passive-negative attitude towards the character than in a positive one. Lermontov's hero of his time is Pechorin, because then such fatalistic nihilism became popular. He's more of a scoundrel than a hero.
    So Pavlensky is hardly a hero of our time. More likely Sechin or someone like him.

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