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  1. I don't think that any philosophy teaches to divide people into “friends” and “strangers” and protect only the chosen ones. Therefore, the question is more correctly formulated – is it worth helping a person (neighbor) if he needs help? But here I don't see any contradictions, if the help is expressed precisely in protecting the girl, and not in punishing the attacker and not in taking revenge on him.

    And there is also a law that does not depend on philosophical dogmas in the state… that is, you transfer the threat from the girl to yourself, and then -�Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, Article 37. Necessary defense

  2. Honor and dignity have always been an indicator of how the defeated are treated. Only noble people have mercy.
    Having self-respect is very important, especially in such matters that need to be carefully considered.

  3. I don't recall a single philosophical work stating that fighting is strictly forbidden. Yes, if you look at the fight in the abstract as a phenomenon, then it is obvious that this thing is basically meaningless. Guided by this knowledge, you will never start a fight yourself – and now you have already started with yourself and changed the world. But if someone threatens your life or the lives of your loved ones, and your opponent strongly and openly hints that you are about to “get in the face”, then in self-defense you have no choice but to accept the challenge. No philosophical magic will come to your defense in such a situation, meditation and humility will not help)

  4. “Philosophy teaches virtue” Where did you read this nonsense? It's funny, but if you enter this statement in Google, then the first link will be just a link to this question.�

    Rejection of violence is your personal principle, if you want to stick to it, then in this case you will not be able to stand up for the girl and you will have to watch her being raped or something like that. When they're done, tell her about your principles, and maybe she'll admire your resilience.

  5. There is such a good book “Bhagavad Gita”, one of the most important philosophical and religious texts of India. It begins with Prince Arjuna being in confusion and doubt on the eve of a great battle, because he will have to fight with his relatives and former friends. He addresses his doubts to Krsna, who was his charioteer, to which Krsna replies something like this: “You are a warrior (kshatriya), your business, your duty is to fight. If you don't do your duty, you will be damned forever!” In general, a good book, it is short and everything is relevant there, find it somewhere and read it, I recommend it in the translation by V. S. Sementsov. An excellent philosophical justification to fill the face of abusers.

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