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  1. If I were the Sultan and had the authority

    I would use the positive experience I already have.�

    1. First of all, Russia of the 20s of the last century, the NEP period, when the country, destroyed by the world War and the civil war, achieved economic growth and development in a couple of years, which America could achieve only in the late 80s.

    2. In the fight against corruption and crime, he adopted the experience of Singapore and Georgia during the Saakashvili era

    3. I would take the experience of China in the 90s�

    4. Made the courts and the press independent

  2. It would introduce a progressive personal income tax. I would return the job placement and the concept of “Young specialist”after graduation.I would categorically reduce the number of new-model universities(I hope everyone understands what I'm talking about, those that produce economists-lawyers-managers-designers, etc.) In school would introduce 1 day for example. Saturday is the Day of Culture and Art. Students would listen to good classical music on this day. we would visit theaters, watch good quality world films, etc. And in general, the Ministry of Education would reformat it completely.

    1. First of all, you need to agree on long-term goals. And not for a shorter period than the Chinese, who, as you know, think for thousands of years.

    Long-term goal: survival of culture, people, humanity, life on the planet and development of their adaptability (including cultural and bio – diversity) in all planetary and cosmic cataclysms over the next millennia.

    1. To do this, you need to: identify all potential risks, and develop action plans for them and the required resources.

    Offhand, you can see the risks:
    – Cultural degradation
    – The use of weapons of mass destruction
    -Environmental disasters, the extinction of biological species and entire classes of living beings
    -Cosmic cataclysms
    -Unknown risks associated with insufficient knowledge about the world
    – Especially dangerous diseases, including artificial
    ones – Depopulation of territories
    – Degradation of the media, their failure to perform the function of objective information, including in matters of corruption.
    – Etc.

    1. Awareness campaign on these issues and measures to eliminate them. Replacing the cult of consumption and individualism with an increase in the prestige of active coordinated creative activity.

    2. Create international consortia and voluntary societies on topics according to their priority. Involve people in working on topics in their free time, coordinate their activities while maintaining transparency and bottom-up initiative.

    3. Replacing GDP as an indicator of government performance with the implementation of work plans for targeted programs.

    4. Expanding and streamlining the list of socially significant products by topic (textbooks, products for children's development, products for a healthy lifestyle, etc.), introducing state quality control and compliance with target programs, including high-quality goods in the list of preferential VAT rates (10%) and/or subsidizing the interest rate on loans (with mandatory compliance with specially developed transparency measures and the impossibility of corruption/fraud). Raise VAT to 20% for harmful goods and services and goods/services of conspicuous consumption.

  3. I don't even know where to start. Redistributed the balance of power between the branches of power in favour of the Parliament (not necessarily to the level of Germany, but at least some), would allow electoral blocs, would leave more money in the regional and municipal budgets, canceled the reform of the RAS, abolished some of the most high-profile laws last electoral cycle (Dima Yakovlev, the promotion of homosexuality, the negotiation procedure of the meetings of GMO hysteria, etc.282nd, most likely, too; privatize most of the state and quasi-state media, significantly reduce administrative barriers in business, and finally start negotiations on the status of Crimea, because something needs to be resolved with this tangle of claims. And then there are the courts, the army, and foreign policy…

    The whole country is an untilled field, in general. It's a good thing I'm not the only one who knows about this.

  4. I believe that we have too many people involved in politics, although they do, the vast majority call themselves political figures, use power and receive “salaries”. Maybe it would be worth optimizing it somehow, reducing it all to the necessary number, since even in Games of Thrones, the power is in the Small Council (Hand, Master of the coin, Master of the laws…) they look much more stable and reliable than the entire power structure in Russia now.

    It would reduce the human factor to the imaginary in the courts. Personally, I believe that machines, despite their “unnatural and immoral nature”, make much more logical decisions without relying on the cost and authority of the lawyer and the defendant.

    I would keep track of the actions of politicians, and not hide information from people, as they do now. Lie detectors and transaction analytics would reduce corruption to the imaginary, and budget allocation would be prioritized, rather than on the principle of “who asks better”.�

    Maybe this is nonsense, but in the era of high technology, I trust machines more than people, and I would reduce half (if not more) of control devices and systems to automation.

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