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  1. “Moral attitudes” are a question of upbringing, in which the traditions of society play a large role. As a rule, it is considered as your girlfriend says. However, if you think about it, we all sell parts of our bodies for a living: some more brains, some more hands and feet. There are people who sell the nose-sniffers, there are those who sell the ears-professional “listeners” of sound-reproducing equipment. Some sell the beauty of their body-models, which in fact almost does not depend on them in any way-as they say, what God gave. We all trade in something, so the question arises, and why, in fact, can not trade in certain parts of the body and sexual skills? Only because of some socially accepted attitudes. Many people with conservative views and models consider people indecent: “one word – whores.”
    Moreover, the social attitude towards sex professionals in the Russian language is fixed in such a way that it is accompanied by the verb “trade”, which in this case increases the negative connotation, but the word trade is never used for other human skills, but in fact both are professional work for money.
    The word ” trade “is also used with the words” beliefs, conscience, homeland, and I know at least several hundred such people who receive very good money for this, including from the budget. That's where the real immorality is!

  2. For modern Russian society, these are immoral people. Prostitution is illegal in our country. So these are people who deliberately and constantly violate the law. To call them highly moral is to call the laws of the country immoral.�

    At the same time, the law does not oblige anyone to humiliate or hate prostitutes and porn actors. Moreover, the law generally prohibits insulting other citizens, regardless of their profession.�

    The fact is that with frequent and promiscuous sexual relations, the number of patients with STDs, including AIDS and hepatitis, chlamydia, is growing. Not all diseases manifest themselves vividly as the clap or syphilis. Many may not appear externally, but affect conception, pregnancy, or the fetus. Therefore, prostitution is prohibited in modern society.�

    Plus, almost all religions condemn fornication, and if a person considers himself a follower of such a religion, then he cannot favor the trade in the body, because God condemns him.�

    There are two main religions in Russia-Christianity and Islam, both of which consider fornication a sin. This means that a large part of the population should condemn prostitution.

    But this is not everywhere and has not always been the case.�

    The nearest airport is Germany. A country with a very rich and long history of legalized prostitution. At the same time, there are CDU and CSU parties – Christian parties. You can't judge prostitutes there, just as you can't judge a janitor or a cleaning lady.�

    Another example, not from real life, is literary. “Brave New World” by Huxley. There, the consumer society has reached the highest point of development – all needs are met, everyone is happy. There is no prostitution, but there is a concept – everyone belongs to everyone else. If a person has one sexual partner – this is savagery, antisociality, immorality. The word marriage is a dirty word, motherhood and childbirth are something unimaginably vile (hello childfree), which makes a person an outcast. And the norm in this society is a lot of partners without attachments and feelings. In fact – prostitution.

  3. Depends on where and when.

    And it depends on who is considered a prostitute. Porn actor seems to be a more accurate concept, but also not particularly. Horse in a porn movie-porn actor? Are the participants in the so – called “home video” porn actors? But, in any case, here you can make it clear.

    Morality is more difficult.

    Moral – more clearly, moral is something that can be “read”. It can have installations, etc. Here everything is simple, morality depends on society; there is no society, there is no morality. There's no one to read it.

    If the “society” is fragmented, there can be many morals. Moral people have to get out of it. One moral is for attitudes, another is for excuses, the third is “hostile” and we fight it. But everyone will be read, no one will leave offended… including prostitutes.

    Morality is different. Morality and morality are often considered synonymous, and therefore confused. And these are different things. The meaning of the word is lost, because we have long lived in an “immoral society”. Let me explain.

    Morality comes from the word morals. And temper is something that is peculiar to the person himself. Therefore, a moral person is one who conforms to himself.

    If a prostitute has to “step over herself”, this does not mean a lack of morality, but it is immoral (even counter-moral, rather) behavior. Which gradually destroys its character, its nature and its morality.

    And if she does only what she likes, if she can resist attempts to force her (to do something that is contrary to her character), well, she has such morality. Own it.

    In addition, both prostitutes and porn actors somehow behave in other situations, not at “work”. And they show themselves, perhaps, as moral and moral people. Of course, morality is a whole concept, but people, for the most part, are not. Almost everyone behaves this way and that. Why should prostitutes be an exception?

    For many years, I thought that going to work was the same as prostitution. If he worked somewhere, he didn't come for a salary. That is, I tried to spread the “benefit to society” and its ” gratitude “(or alms). They were angry with me.

    Then I sort of realized it and corrected myself. I went for my salary like I was going to work. Also not the same. What's the moral here? =))

  4. Mores are a thing that changes over time and distance. What was moral 2000 years ago and now are completely different things. It is simply the voice of society (the social mind) that dictates what is moral and what is not at the moment. Of course, out of good intentions, since morality and morality are what supposedly serves the survival of society. But this does not mean that it is good for a particular individual.

    For me, the main measure of whether something is good for an individual or not is the answer to the question – does he like what he does? Does he love what he does? Is he in agreement with himself? If the answer to all the questions is yes, there is nothing wrong with that. I've also heard of prostitutes who liked their work and enjoyed it, but they really chose their own clients. There's nothing wrong with everyone being happy.

  5. IMHO and nothing else.

    By themselves, these professions do not mean immorality. Although yes, there are undoubtedly immoral people in this environment – but in any other environment they also exist.

    Is a tabloid photographer waiting in a tree for a movie star who will go out to sunbathe naked in front of the house a highly moral person?�

    I had a chance to work on technical issues with girls who undressed and masturbated in front of the camera for money. Yes, they were not very clever. Yes, they preferred easy money, because the most that they shone was a career as a potato seller at the market. But I can't call them immoral. They had an idea of morals and morals about the same as most girls of their own circle and age.

    And what they did, in their understanding (and in mine), did not apply to any sex. This is an acting game for the client. The fact that genitals are involved in acting – well… This is exactly the same part of the body as the arms and legs. Why can I sell the capabilities of my legs by delivering pizza, but I can't sell the capabilities of my genitals?

    And if we don't have a porn movie, but a regular one, is it also immoral to kiss your partner in the movie?�

    And do it several times in a row?

    Those who believe that porn actors have sex, apparently, have never seen what they actually do. To believe that this is sex is like believing in a flying Superman.

  6. Morals and moral attitudes are different – there is a bourgeois morality, there is a Christian morality, there is a petty-bourgeois morality, etc. As far as I know, prostitution and sexual promiscuity are reprehensible phenomena in almost any generally accepted view of morality.�

    As a Christian, of course, I have a certain view of these actions that is connected with the Biblical concepts:

    29 You shall not defile your daughter by allowing her to come to you.�fornication, so that the earth may not commit fornication and the earth may not be filled with debauchery.
    (Lev 19: 29)

    14 The mouth of harlots is a deep pit; whomever the LORD is angry with, he will fall into it.

    26 My son! give me your heart, and let your eyes observe my ways
    ; 27 For a harlot is a deep pit, and a strange woman is a narrow well;
    28 she lies in wait like a robber, and multiplies the transgressors of the law among men.

    18 Avoid fornication; every sin that a man commits is outside the body, but the fornicator sins against his own body.
    (1 Corinthians 6: 18)

    4 Let every man's marriage be honourable, and his bed undefiled; but God judges whoremongers and adulterers.
    (Hebrews 13: 4)

    In Dante's Divine Comedy, fornicators and harlots, all voluptuaries are in the second circle of hell.

    But it is necessary to add that not only this category of people is immoral – these people trade and commit fornication in the body, but most people trade in conscience, soul, fornicate ( err) in the mind and heart. When a harlot was brought to Christ to be stoned, Christ said to them, ” Whoever has no sin, let him throw the stone first.” And why? As Nozdryov said in the immortal work of Gogol-the snout is in the fluff.
    The gluttons, the rich and the greedy, the avaricious, the angry, the lazy, the despondent, the false teachers and the heretics, the liars and the murderers are even deeper in hell. Of course, you can doubt the canonicity of Dante's description of hell, but in general, if you do not bother who is lower, who is higher – then it is. According to the creed of Christ, any dominant unrighteousness that a person has not repented of during his lifetime does not allow him to inherit the blessed abodes and imprisons him in hell.

    9 Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate men,nor abusers with men,
    10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, will inherit the kingdom of God.
    (1 Corinthians 6: 9,10)

    But let's not just talk about the sad, there is also good news, including for porn actresses and prostitutes:


  7. Within the framework of culture, yes, but who says that culture is the best foundation for defining the ethics of society? The culture changes every 10 years, and something that once seemed wild now seems quite normal … or vice versa.

    Porn actors they're just actors, and they kind of have sex on camera, but they act and in most cases it's a very grueling process that doesn't bring pleasure. Shooting a 20-minute video can last more than 3 hours. Dubs, dubs, dubs — yes, even defaming is more interesting and pleasant.

    Actors can be considered immoral only because they lie and pretend, if for you it is contrary to morality. But in general, I don't see any differences between porn actors and other actors.

    Prostitution is earning money with your body. In our society, I do not see the difference between sex for money, getting a manicure for money, massage, … and given that the brain is also the body, then in general, as it were, most of the population sells their body to please those who pay them. In the culture, for a long time, sex was considered something forbidden, sinful, with a single purpose (offspring). Now even religious people have sex, and even in condoms (and then read lectures that homosexuality, polygamy, prostitution is unnatural).�

    The only thing that can contradict morality here, and even then not at all, is that if it is forbidden in the country, then people who are engaged in it violate the law. But this law gives a brezh, because people can engage in prostitution without making themselves such a status. Now, if your rich dad or mom texts you, you come, have sex, and then you get a gift, will you consider yourself a prostitute? I don't think so, because for many people it is more than normal to receive gifts for sex, even our families are built on this.

    Your friend is just a shallow thinker, caught up in the prejudices and constraints that the culture creates for her. All its arguments are irrational, and their justification is most likely based on the fact that “well, most people think so, it was so long ago.” Fallen people? She herself has fallen under the yoke of imposed stereotypes and standards of behavior. Her attitude makes you think of sex as something special, perhaps even sinful… but 2019 is in the yard. Drive to prostitution and porn actors … well, I hope she does it in a floor-length skirt, and in general from the kitchen.

    immoral people

    This is more about professions related to fraud, violence, extortion, … there are quite a lot of them . For me, working as a realtor is much more immoral in our time than prostitution or porn. At least the latter don't cheat and actually provide a service or create content. The former use a complex marketing system that would complicate the purchase and get money from an extended transaction.

  8. Olds Huxley wrote Brave New World

    This book describes the society of the future (approximately 2700-)

    By which people are not born

    Humans are introduced by way of cloning. And there people do not start families , and the word “mother” is considered bad.

    There is an attitude of “your body belongs to everyone, and you belong to everyone” ( in sexual terms) . And when the main character meets an “uncivilized” one, it's a shock for both of them.

    (You're a whore and she's what is marriage)

    There are still a lot of interesting things in it

    Read this book .

    Moral attitudes depend on society

  9. I completely agree with Alexey.

    Plus I'll add it.

    The moral of the concept is very individual. And who cares how you live and what you do?

    In addition, imagine that there are people who consciously go to such professions, with full understanding and with full acceptance, and boldly recognize themselves in the profession under discussion. Moreover, people who choose such a profession consciously are much happier than any school teacher who works in a school because of the morals imposed on him by society, parents, neighbors, relatives and plumbers.

    A person is a free being and does not have to explain his actions and choices to anyone, as long as he does not restrict the freedom of another person.

  10. First, morals are not absolute and change over time and depending on the region. So for accuracy, it is better to get a watch, look at it and announce that prostitution is condemned by the public, but not by all people, at the moment, namely at 9: 30 on April 2, 2019 in Moscow.
    Secondly, when a person puts someone below himself, he does it not just like that, but with the intention of showing that he is better, and this is already chuvshechka and arrogance. Which, by the way, is unacceptable in any region and at any time.
    So in response, you can say: “But they do not consider themselves better than others.”

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