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  1. I agree with Andrey Larionov that where does Woland's divine mercy come from?

    At the same time, I would like to note in the question that in the discussed wording, a person is not rewarded according to his era, knowledge, or environment. But by faith. But in general, it is rather doubtful that the era, knowledge and environment limit faith.

  2. Christianity is a religion of revelation. Therefore, it is not terrible that a person is limited.

    For this purpose, even in history, God incarnates, comes to people himself, since man is limited.

    For this purpose, God also comes to each individual person, wanting to save everyone.

    And in Bulgakov's novel, of course, this is not visible. Because the novel is not a retelling of the gospel, but a novel where the gospel is used for other artistic purposes. There, the gospel events are retold by Woland. Who is actually the father of lies, a liar to begin with. And he tries to present Yeshua as a wandering philosopher, with whom all people are kind, and he himself does not even decide the posthumous fate of people, but asks! about it his, Woland. However, the hint is left, after all, Yeshua can heal, and Woland always has a bad leg, from the pain in which he can not get rid of.

    The phrase itself:�

    Everyone will be rewarded according to their faith…

    compare it with the gospel:

    1. As Jesus was leaving there, two blind men followed Him and cried out, ” Have mercy on us, Jesus, son of David!
    2. When He came to the house, the blind men came to Him. And Jesus saith unto them, Believe ye that I can do these things? They say to Him, ” By jove, Lord!
    3. Then He touched their eyes and said, ” According to your faith, let it be done to you.”

    (Matthew 9: 27-29)�http://www.bibleonline.ru

    And this is good news, as previously it was:

    1. and You, O Lord, have mercy, for You reward everyone according to their deeds.

    (Psalm 61: 13)�http://www.bibleonline.ru

    Previously, a person was really limited to doing things. Now, the faith that must be accepted, that God gives, can heal.

    I repeat, this is what is happening, this is the good news:

    1. Jesus said to him, ” If you can believe in any way, all things are possible to him who believes.”
    2. And immediately the boy's father cried out with tears, ” I believe, Lord! help my disbelief.

    (Mark 9: 23,24)�http://www.bibleonline.ru

    He himself comes, offers healing, and heals. The person only needed to make a counter step when He came and knocked.


    The same goes for your second question:

    Why M. Bulgakov wanted to “punish” (?) Berlioz, why is his head on the ball? Is there any mercy of Bulgakov's god to people in the novel at all?

    Bulgakov does not retell the gospel, he shows the world that has renounced God, where Woland comes. Woland both parodies God, and lies about Him, and acts or pretends to act as an instrument of justice, that is, God. All this at the same time, and we ourselves need to think and watch. In a world that has received justice from Woland (we also like how he punishes the stupid, greedy, and deceitful there), the principle of “it will be rewarded by faith” turns from the good news about the possibility of healing into cutting off the head of an atheist. We are invited to celebrate and laugh at the presumptuous atheist Berlioz. Although, as you felt, not very funny.�


    And how in life, how in reality? Where Stalin ruled the ball, where it was not clear what to do to write novels. Did the real Margarita do the right thing?

    Hence the whole ambivalence of a novel just like life.

  3. Hello! My opinion is that God has an archive of your maternal and paternal ancestors ,and all those sins and righteousness are also recorded there ,so when you are born ,you already have the burden that you will have to carry and unravel the tangle that you were given at birth ,but God is always there and will tell you the right direction ,you just need to accept It with all your heart and soul,you need to try to live according to God's commandments, love your homeland ,properly raise your children ,much depends on this, because you are responsible for the weight of the burden that remains with future generations.

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