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  1. Yes, I agree, but if you really think to the end, taking into account the fact that you are the same “subspecies”, then a certain amount of contempt should be attributed to yourself. It is this state that will help a person reach a new level of being, become a different “subspecies” and love their neighbors by seeing all their cockroaches.�

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        Desert fathers and immaculate wives,
        To fly with their hearts to the provinces of absenteeism,
        To strengthen it in the midst of long storms and battles,
        They composed many divine prayers;
        But none of them touches me,
        Like the one the priest repeats
        During the sad days of Lent;
        It comes to my lips more and more often
        And the fallen is strengthened by an unknown force:
        Lord of my days! the spirit of dull idleness,
        Lyubonachaliya, this hidden serpent,
        And don't let my soul be idle.
        But let me see through my sins, O God,
        so that my brother may not receive judgment from me.
        And the spirit of humility, patience, love
        And quicken my chastity in my heart.

    He is.

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