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  1. Mixed up here are disparate concepts. Monarchy is a political system. Capitalism is economic. Moreover, monarchy and capitalism successfully coexist together. Communism is generally the devil with horns. No one knew what it was. Fortunately, it didn't last long.

    In general, it seems that no one needs all this. You need to get an education, get a good job, have children, and make a living. When you do this, things like communism or monarchy are not in your area of interest. When everyone manages to make their own life better, then life in the whole country will be better.

  2. This is typical for most countries. Russia's history in this regard is quite “simple” – if you compare it with the” cat dump ” of Royalists, Bonapartists and Republicans in France of the XIX century, or with Spain, for example.

  3. Yes. That's right. After the collapse of communism, there is no stable ideology in Russia. The only thing that everyone agrees on is that Russia should be an independent whole state.

  4. It wasn't the monarchy that got tired of it, but people wanted to be called people, to be the masters of their lives, and they got tired of watching the “fat ones” playing hooky with their extortionately earned money from the street through the windows of restaurants. I'm not tired of communism, I'm tired of the 70-year rule of the Bolshevik oligarchs, for whom there were no laws, I'm tired of the peasants living without passports, I'm tired of seeing the difference in the description of life in Pravda and in fact, I'm tired of stupid propaganda. Not tired of capitalism, but tired of the same gang as in ' 17, which seized and privatized the national heritage (a good example is how Chernomyrdin and Rem Vyakhirev privatized Gazprom and overnight became dollar billionaires, and their families and relatives). In principle, it does not matter how to define a particular political and economic structure, the main thing is that the Law and only the Law should be at the head, one for everyone without exception. Let it be in the opinion of someone a bad law, but it must be executed without question, until the adoption of a good law, etc. And only an elected judge, independent of anyone, should decide whether the law is fulfilled or violated. And this judge should be known to all residents of this locality, because they choose him. It should be the most respected person and his verdict can not be challenged by anyone and nothing, I mean the pressure of the administration. As stated in the French film of the same name “You are my friend, but the law is the law”. Maybe for someone it's naive, but I want to believe in it, that it will be so. All health and prosperity, sincerely, Vasily Tsygankov.

  5. The problem is that the Russians don't need another revolution, our enemies do. So let them make revolutions in their own countries. It's not so bad if we're still alive. And communism did not take root because those who have access to money wanted to get access to power, but one thing does not fit with the other. Countries are flourishing: money bags do not have direct power, and power structures are limited to funds for personal purposes and personal use.

  6. I remember that through the TV and mass media I was “shoved in the ears” should I just privatize? and everything will bloom and spin? what did it all lead to? to create an “off-shore” aristocracy, is it not that the wrong people came at the same time? should there be an elite of the country? and the bullshit came ? and this is a fact,now everyone is waiting for “modernization”, but the aristocracy cannot carry it out, simply because of their lack of intelligence

  7. Yes, all people want about the same thing in this sense)) Whatever name you put on, the result will depend only on how you work at the same time. The social structure must be reasonable – and this is what every nation strives for: each in its own way, according to its own concepts. Disillusionment with “magic pills” is just one necessary stage of growing up and getting smarter.

    And the ideal is achieved, for example: (1) properly study what is really happening; (2) determine what you really dream about; (3) see what already exists should be preserved; (4) strive now to make 1 become 2, but only to keep 3 as much as possible.

    This is what we all want – and we don't have to know what it's going to be, we have to create our own future – that's why life is beautiful!

  8. The problem of Russia is that political and economic perverts have been experimenting on this country for more than 70 years, while Western civilization, of which our land has always been an integral part, has developed in the direction of rights, freedoms and advanced management technologies.

    These are rights and freedoms, and in general civil society and civil institutions do not suddenly appear at the wave of a wand and more than a hundred million people are not re-educated at the click of a button.

    The legacy of the 20th century will haunt us for some time as childhood traumas, but even that will pass. It's already passing.

  9. And the monarchy. both capitalism and socialism can be very different. It hardly makes sense to compare bad socialism as in China (in the past) or in the North. Korea with a good monarchy in Belgium or the Netherlands. Or bad capitalism in Egypt under Mubarak and good socialism in Sweden. Capitalism, in my opinion, is the most efficient economic system, judging by the results. They just don't want to build good capitalism in Russia. Those who are in power are more satisfied with the situation where officials are happy.

  10. It's not Russia that doesn't know what it wants, it's people who don't really want to live by the laws and work hard. It's a sacred thing to discuss everyone and everything while chatting with your feet in front of the TV, but let Putin do it to save the cherry orchard, which is dying from the drought.

    Koreans were not forced to hide at home and take care, they did it themselves and immediately eliminated the outbreak. And how did the Russians react to the order of the authorities — this is a conspiracy of the state, we can't stay at home with our family for so long, there is no virus, etc. etc. Do you understand the difference? When a large part of the population thinks not about freebies, but how to bring more benefits to society, we will continue to live poorly. And you are probably also waiting for your master to come to you and tell you how to live?

    I think so. and you?

  11. Georgy.

    Do not confuse the form and content of the subject of discussion, then the questions will gain meaning and arouse interest among others .

    There are two systems of social relations to the means of production and distribution of profits: capitalist and communist.

    Small variations are possible, where as in the PRC, along with the state communist system, there is a private sector under the control of state structures and the party apparatus.

    There are quite a lot of forms of government: the United Kingdom of Great Britain with Canada and Australia, the European Union of European States with a United Parliament and parliaments of the countries included in this pop, presidential republics, Kingdoms of Southeast Asia, Parliamentary republics and republics with pronounced confessional power structures.

    There was no referendum on the desire of Russian citizens either in the Soviet Union or in the Russian Federation, so your message that Russia does not know what it wants is unconvincing and lacks reliable factual material.

    During the political crisis, the party-democratic elite of the former USSR abruptly changed their views on the social system and plunged into the whirlpool of entrepreneurship, privatizing all industry and agriculture.

    B. N. Yeltsin, according to the project of American “friends and partners”, provided an opportunity to enrich the authorities in the conditions of our wild capitalism.

    None of the newly created group of crooks and crooks could resist the prospect of getting rich quickly, and having changed their shoes on the move, yesterday's communists became bankers, oligarchs and administrators united in various political party clans..

    No one ever asked the people, much less took into account the interests of the majority, when there was a strict redistribution of property and the state system.

  12. An absolutely illogical set of statements by the author, and even with a question mark. You must either ask or approve, but then motivate your statements.

    “Communism did not take root” — and where and in what place of the USSR did the author see it ? How can something that didn't even exist” take root”?

    “Capitalism was not as good as the Soviet people imagined it to be” – the Soviet people never imagined capitalism to be “good”, because they, unlike the “Russians”, were well-educated and well-informed people with a life-affirming ideology !

    In the second half

  13. “Russia” is an inanimate and thoroughly fictional object. Only cretins who are used to reasoning without connecting their minds and logic to the topic can attribute any desires-aspirations-love-hate to it. For example, the slogan “Russia-forward!” from the same category of nonsense cretinous. The inhabitants of the territory of Russia want the same things that all people on earth want: light, joy, life, love. No “ism”, except for masturbation (and then for a short time), does not bring this. And all of the above brings only life surrounded by people who love you, that is, in the family. This is what we should strive for. The rest is chimeras, self-deception, nonsense, cretinism, idiocy, oligophrenism, socialism, moronism, capitalism, Marxism, democracy, autocracy, cerebral palsy and other husks that are not worth (by and large) even discussing it… And who does this is the lazy and empty-minded person who was in fact all these politicians and philosophers of the 19th and 20th centuries, starting from all sorts of Slavophiles, Marxists, monarchists, imperialists, Dostoevskys…

  14. The Communist Party has dislocated the brains of the Soviet people and they don't know what they want. He wants to live by the principle: it would be drunk and eaten, but the work did not come to mind. Therefore, he does not like any system. He would like to live like Ivan the fool: sit on the stove and eat on a self-made tablecloth.

  15. Yes, that's where I agree with you. And I believe that for Russia at this stage, the most ideal option is a national dictatorship – a leader, a leader who would lead Russia into a bright future. We need people like Franco, Horthy, Pinochet, Peron, Kolchak.

    On the one hand, this is not a monarch. In other words, it will not transfer power by inheritance. On the other hand, he will finish off the Marxists and leftists who are still talking on Putin's TV and on the Internet.

    It will regulate prices in stores, make housing more affordable for people, and rein in businesses. In other words, at the same time as the repression of Marxists, it is necessary to improve social policy and the real life of people. And then you can really wake up in the USSR whenever you want. The dictator must end the liberal chimera and free market and introduce state regulation of prices for everything. Make housing prices cheaper. That is, to make it so that the majority, and not a part of the liberal intelligentsia, will like it.

    Well, then Russia will become Great.

  16. No. The problem is that Russians want things that can't be.

    And those who want to get into power regularly promise them this.

    TOP 5 wishes/promises:

    1. Live better;
    2. Stability;
    3. To avoid getting worse/war;
    4. So that someone can do all this for them(a strong leader, trust in the authorities);
    5. So that the state doesn't bother them;

    Instead, you need to take responsibility for yourself, expand your horizons, hone your skills, and learn technology (how to do something useful).

  17. Oh no, that's not the problem))) the problem is that our citizens themselves do not want to decide anything.

    if they wanted to, they would go out on the street like in France.

    there, the guys protested – and immediately the result. true, they have a different kind of protest ,and not our 3 and a half stakes.

    People are REALLY fighting for their rights there. they really hold this very democracy

    They can organize themselves, demand a response from the state, or threaten to act in response.

    And our citizens want everything to go by itself. so that a kind uncle takes care of them and they will go to work.

  18. Smart people know the natural sequence of human and social development, which is reflected as objectively as possible in the structure of human language. Proponents of primitive worldviews, who have in their minds a remote and perverse similarity to the structure of language, do everything possible to hinder the development of societies, trying to get into the particularly privileged groups that prevail in bourgeois societies. Normal societies of the future will be dominated not by officials or private owners, but by individuals who actually develop societies and reproduce the most complex realities. These are inventors, discoverers, creators, manufacturers. The highest goal of development in normal societies will be to ennoble and elevate the individual, and not profit, as in bourgeois simulacra of societies consisting of many closed groups that do not have an equivalent exchange and a common part of worldviews. Normal societies will unite separate collectives and groups by equivalent exchange and a common part of worldviews. They don't know what they want, only the supporters of primitive worldviews who have already made a career or accumulated capital, for them life is actually over, there is nothing more to strive for. Socialism in Russia was based only on the assumptions and conjectures of the classics of m/L. The task of future generations is to develop a scientific worldview qualitatively and use it to build highly developed societies.

  19. Sweden is now a monarchy – the head of state is Carl XVI Gustaf.

    In Sweden now, socialism – the social role of the state is huge.

    In Sweden, it is now capitalism – labor is bought and sold.

    All this at the same time and although it somewhat interferes with each other (social programs are provided at the expense of ultra-high incomes), but it gets along.

    Of course, Sweden was lucky, it managed to sit out two world wars, trading with all sides. At this expense, I have accumulated fat.

    Those who are poorer have to balance between social obligations and fears of suffocating business with taxes.

    But in rich countries, socialism and capitalism are quite mixed. Each in its own way.

  20. You compare on the same level the form of government of the monarchy, capitalism as a socio-economic system and the theoretical social system of communism. Let's get this straight:
    1. Let's start with communism – it never existed anywhere. Communism presupposes a classless society, no money, no private property, and a high-performance industry. The absence of the state as such was assumed. In a word, a fantastic utopia. In fact, the USSR was a centralized state. As for socialism, it is also doubtful: the Scandinavian countries actually turned out to be much closer to socialism than the USSR itself.
    2. Capitalism. In Russia, it has never existed in its purest sense. Just like a democracy – as a political system. In Russia, since the beginning of the 90s, feudal pseudo-capitalism has been formed with pronounced elements of a planned economy and state control. Approximately 60% of the country's population is state employees – employees of state-owned enterprises (for comparison, in the United States-12%). Entire sectors of the economy are under the control of state monopolies – military-technical, natural resources, post, communications, electric power, gas industry, oil refining industry, coal industry, railway transport. There are feudal lords with extended rights (oligarchs) and the plebs, which does not affect anything. Moreover, over the past 20 years, the capitalist elements have become much smaller. The state controls absolutely everything, and the effectiveness of this control is rather questionable. The development of small and medium-sized businesses is definitely not a target priority of the Russian authorities. However, most citizens of our country are sure that this is capitalism and they do not like it.

  21. She, Russia, i.e. the people-knows well what she wants! He wants everything to be right! And in the center, and in every district,and in every firm! But the system is such that anyone can get into leadership positions, but not those who are worthy.

  22. Russia is in search of a form of state that will correspond to the inner essence of the people, and this is good. The consciousness of the Russian people is striving for a balance between the spiritual and the material, which means that it is evolving.

  23. Everything is not as bad in Russia as you think. Russia is looking for its own path and it will find it. It will definitely find you. It will be something different from monarchy, communism, and capitalism.

  24. I know exactly what I want. I'm 85 years old already. You don't have to answer for me. Life is good, and living is good. Who owns the energy, he owns the situation. There is no problem . It's just an evolutionary process, it's global . Unfortunately, Russia is fixated on unnecessary problems .

  25. No problem at all! The country is completely privatized by a gang of feudal lords. Along with stupid people. And, no one cares what these fools (we) want. After all, all law enforcement agencies serve to protect the existing situation

  26. Putin does exactly what the Russian wants.

    It doesn't work out very well…

    This is a problem of many countries: many people want socialism, but it “does not take root”, they have to temporarily retreat

  27. Because any social system in modern times is built on the postulation of a national basis, which in Russia does not exist. In other words, if the society is atomized, everyone perceives himself not as a part of a single whole, but separately, then it is impossible to create a community. If there is no community , then any power is held only by the police.

  28. There is no need to confuse what the STATE wants and what people themselves want. The state, which has a monopoly on information, declares that the people themselves are ready to give up their personal goals for the sake of the state, and all those who deny this are simply silenced by force.

    In reality, the Russian people want the same things as normal people: satiety, security and freedom. That is, everything that the Russian state (under the tsars, communists, and today too) takes away from people in order to ensure its own (i.e., officials') existence.

  29. What the citizens of Russia or any other country want is not very important, because changing socio-political formations is an objective process that depends on the level of development of productive forces and production relations, and not on the desire of individuals. Of course, it's not bad when citizens know what they want, what they strive for, and what they support. Only for knowledge, you need a scientific approach, and not personal impressions at the amateur level “tired” and “did not take root”.

  30. Most people in Russia just want to live in peace and mind their own business. The problem is that at a time when private property became a reality in Europe, and no one could even think of such a thing in Russia. And then – 70 years of polishing communism. We never became responsible owners, and we can still throw garbage out the window – because the window is no longer ours, but in the apartment it seems to be ours. Actually-hence all the problems.

  31. Russians know what they want, but they want what a good tsar (leader, general secretary, president) will come a big strong respected authority and feed everyone clothe them provide them with housing a car a good salary, etc. etc. And the problem is that these wishlist are obviously unrealizable never

  32. This is an interesting question, of course ! Russia at least lived for a while in anticipation of communism, and Europe and the other world were surprised at our success in industrialization , the common interests of the fifteen Soviet republics, our aspirations for world peace, and our desire to help countries that were lagging behind in development…Hitler wanted to destroy our foundations, then our heroic Soviet people died, the loss of which we will mourn forever, the Soviet country opposed these monsters with its strength of spirit and selflessness in protecting their native lands.Monarchia and capitalism, which we also experienced, could not do what the Soviet government did.Therefore, in its further development, Sovietism will serve as a connecting material in the foundation of our further transformations.

  33. The trouble with modern Russia is that it chooses the past. Even Gorbachev's Perestroika essentially began with the choice of whether to return to NEP, Russia after the February Revolution, or imperial Russia. This did not take into account the fact that it is technically impossible to go back to any (Soviet, capitalist, or monarchist) past-they do not go back in history, and any past was at one time, was the result of something previous, and was formed under certain internal and external circumstances that no longer exist.
    The second problem is that for some reason we are always waiting for immediate results: without denying all the confusion and inconsistency of the reforms of the late 80s and 90s, I am absolutely sure that the “golden” times of the noughties were not provided by Putin's skillful leadership, but were solely the result of the reforms of the 90s. And we had a great chance in the zero years to continue and develop what worked perfectly. In other words, you need to look not so much at what is happening at the present time, but at the development trend itself, be able to look ahead, learn to anticipate the consequences of any step, and understand the mechanisms of what is happening.
    The third problem is that we live in some medieval notions about the world around us, where everyone is just thinking about how to conquer Russia, take away its gas, oil and minerals, and how to turn us into slaves. It doesn't even occur to anyone that the world has been living under completely different rules and laws for a long time, that most of the conflicts between the leading countries have shifted from territorial problems to the struggle for sales markets, spheres of economic influence, and the race for technological superiority. And we in this world, with our show-offs, spiritual staples and cave performances, look at least pathetic and ridiculous, and behave like a drunken brawler in the theater. And such a policy deprives us of a chance for the future, because lagging behind the world currently condemns Russia to play secondary and third-rate roles in the international alignment of the future. We have raised our own paws and assumed the role of a raw material appendage of the world powers.

  34. Complete nonsense. The Soviet people did not want capitalism, but rather were proud to have been born and live in the USSR, the most just and powerful country. And the pride for this came from the heart, and not from the zombie boy.

  35. Who told you that the monarchy is boring? The monarchy simply turned from hereditary to elective, and this is probably the best option for Russia. Communism will still return, because there are no options.

  36. The only problem is that people who are not capable of running the country have reached power. They just don't know what management is or what its purpose is. And that's why they behave like a shoplifter – they try to make more money by selling resources.

    Although the goal of the state is quite different: to create conditions under which its citizens could earn money.

  37. I don't agree. Ordinary people want young, smart and talented professionals, not corrupt thieves, to manage common assets and pay everyone a fair share. Active people, on the contrary, want to manage their assets themselves within the framework of the rule of law, which was destroyed as a result of Yeltsin's coup d'etat ( the shooting of the Parliament and the dispersal of courts) in 1993. People want to live in a democratic country of classical competitive capitalism and enjoy all the opportunities for international cooperation, and not just pray in churches “for the youths Volodimir and Dmitry,” as Patriarch Gundyaev suggests.

  38. Yes, we have built some kind of communism after all. If you remember: Socialism means from each according to his abilities, to each according to his work. Built it? Built it. Communism-from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs. Built it? Finally, they built it. It seems that Russia does not have any problems. And almost everyone else's problems have already been solved.

  39. Lots of reasoning

    ,but there are no specifics!The whole point is that no one asked the Russians for their opinion!I can't answer for the whole of Russia, but I got the impression that we didn't have communism yet! There were only its rudiments!People are not ready for communism yet!

  40. Modern Russia has no problems, but a part of its population has problems.

    Russia is a self-sufficient country, it is a country of great opportunities, although it also has another, not very good feature, and it has stopped “forcing” us to use the available opportunities. You need to learn about the opportunities yourself, and use them yourself.

    Therefore, the “deep nation of whiners” was formed.

    Adult, sexually mature, with arms and legs, men and no less sexually mature chickens whine all day long that they were not given this, or they were not given this…Putin did not do them well, and indeed the government-g…!

    Where did we get so many imbeciles who expect the state to make them happy and rich? It is especially strange that these are often the same people who passed the 90s, when the state could only get a punch in the face.

  41. The monarchy is obsolete, but it has not gone into oblivion. In ancient Rome, the kings were also eliminated, but, here is a paradox, who would have thought that the first senator among equals would become exactly the same king, just call him emperor. You should expect something like this. The history of mankind is certainly not cyclical, but some elements clearly tend to repeat themselves.

    Communism is a utopia. There is not a single living example when communism, and not some kind of socialism, would be translated into reality. Moreover, this utopia has already shown such wild examples of dystopias (North Korea, Khmer Rouge, red terror) that it is simply amazing how some people still find the “wisdom” to believe in communism. More than a century has passed since communism was first invented as an idea. The time has already passed, just more than enough. Thomas More-fantasy. Why do adults, including those with academic titles, believe in communism? Woe from wit, probably.

    The moment in history when we needed to build our capitalist modern system (after WWII) on a par with other first world powers, we were presented with Jewish fairy tales by Marx, Engels and some Kalmyk half-wit grandfather. Yes, capitalism is cruel. Just show me at least one epoch in the history of mankind that would not be cruel and fair to everyone in the world! That's it! Trample on half a hundred thousand thirty-fours, trample on Nazism, push Gagarin into space, create a tsar bomba “Kuzka's mother”, make the whole country idols (which are now being broken in Ukraine), bomb factories and factories, organize communes (collective farms) – all this could be done in the capitalist form of society, which is natural for humans, unlike the communist one, which is only suitable for robots. Moreover, the capitalist form would have coped with all the tasks listed above better-this is obvious.

    The high level of corruption and the lack of understanding of the average person how to deal with it is a consequence of the fact that we have no experience of living in a capitalist society. Frankly speaking, we are on* # ali. Moreover, for corrupt officials and those in power in the post.in the Soviet countries, this failed experiment of paradise on earth gave just a gold mine and it's not just that Russia is a country with an oil and gas pipe in the causal hole. The fact is that we, like the debts of a poor relative who has stretched out his flippers, which some authoritative requester now demands from us, have fallen on the head of the atavisms of the crumbling communist ideology. I am referring to legal norms and concepts in society, as well as the formulation of fundamental concepts in legislation, especially those related to private property. It is worth paying attention to the legislation on self-defense (in an adequate human society, this is the very first important point; many people have never thought about this, obviously, because they were born and raised in this and think that this is how it should be) and the situation of the police (finally, in the Russian Federation, it has become clear that the police are generally different; by the way, calling the police a police is also an element of a dead idiotic utopia). You see, when a person has the right to own a weapon, the right to protect their own life (in practice, not in words; as it is still in our scorched legislation), their relatives and their property, it is much more difficult to put pressure on them, it is much more difficult to force them to do something. To put it more precisely, when every first worker in this country has an adequate attitude to weapons (yes, we also do not have a gun culture, because we have not had one for the last 100 years, despite the fact that many of them have never had one before) and will own them, then society will change dramatically. If some muddy type gets used to some worker and starts demanding something, then he will immediately cooperate with other workers, to whom he also got used, in general, there will be no more options for the muddy type after that, the collective of workers will decide everything for him. Being afraid of a Caucasian with a gun is a good excuse for an official who is afraid of being raised to a pitchfork (it should be said that he is justifiably afraid). After all, when everyone has a weapon, the behavior will change for everyone and radically accordingly. Why did I write about this in such detail? T c is a fundamental thing. This is the same as the right to vote, freedom of choice, etc. Russia, alas, is already hopelessly behind the countries of the first world, and in order to catch up and catch up with them, we need such turbulence in society that, alas, will be comparable in terms of its victims to those that were during the civil war. Something like that.

  42. “They don't know what they want”

    “Well, it's too narrow for me, too narrow!
    – But where is narrow? I would even say — wide!
    “Yes,that's what I'm saying.

    What is the essence of the question?
    Tired of everything, want something new?
    And in fact, why go back to the past, when you need to keep up with the times, look to the future. Evolve, not degrade.
    Let's build a Christian society!

  43. Our monarchy has rotted at the root, it has not been able to reform itself, and it has not grown out of the absolutism of the feudal era. The base went forward, but the superstructure remained medieval. We didn't have communism, we were just taking the first steps towards it. We declared one thing, but with Khrushchev, we began to build a completely different society and state… Same thing with capitalism. We began to build its worst-case scenario by giving power in the country and in the economy to thieves and bandits like Yeltsin, Chubais, Khodorkovsky, Berezovsky and others. And then the new oligarchs came, putting Putin and his brave team of liberals over us. Yes, yes-Putin and his team are pure liberals, hiding behind patriotic propaganda and taking advantage of the poorly educated masses. I agree with one thing – we have not been able to clearly articulate our common national ideology and we do not know where to go.

  44. Roads we won)) There are still eggshells, “immortal lords of fate”,hypocritically blasphemous “standard people”, just ordinary g's..nyuki *at the same time proud of themselves, and the system is by and large-profanity, something like that))

  45. To be able to possess moral and religious values is the trait that distinguishes education from savagery.

    Lack of education is the root of all evil. A. S. Pushkin

  46. People can want anything, they just choose their side and the master for whom they will fight. The political and economic system is determined by the authorities and financing of the warring parties, as the experience of the collapse of the USSR and the “color revolution” in Ukraine showed. If you dig deep, it turns out that by owning a monopoly on the means of production and resources, the state of the USSR fulfilled the overwhelming majority of its social obligations towards the population. A capitalist version of socialism is also possible (globalists and world bankers are leading to it), but it will also be completely monopolistic. But unlike the communist model, no one will fully fulfill social obligations in such a society, since the majority of the population will be without means of subsistence and in debt, and the rest will be forced by capitalist monopolies to work for themselves for pennies. Moreover, private small and medium-sized businesses will be banned by law or completely unprofitable and not competitive in comparison with monopolies. The only acceptable option is state-capitalist socialism. When the state will become a monopoly in strategic industries, and private banks, network and large monopolies will be banned. Only family businesses will be allowed with a ceiling on top of their capital.

  47. The problem of Russia and other countries is in the elites. If the position of national-oriented elites is strong (like Lukashenko), then the state will be able not to degrade quickly and ingloriously (like Ukraine, one of the most advanced industrial countries in the early 1990s; like the Russian Federation under Yeltsin and fabulous). It is the elites who determine the rules of the game for slaves (I hope no one is under any illusions?). Elites receive these rules from curators (global projects).

  48. The problem of Russia has been ever since, when instead of a consistent scientific and technical modernization of the country – it engaged in politicking, betraying socialist ideals, when our partocracy wanted to be oligarchs like in the West, while the West at the expense of NTR – raised the standard of living of its workers and engineers in a way that even then our thieving officials could not raise themselves. Our established party thieves have taken the easiest path – the path of appropriating our vast raw material wealth. They knew exactly what they wanted, but they were just telling the people lies. And you should never speak for the whole of Russia, especially if it is deceived by privatizers. The people who committed genocide in peacetime.

  49. The fact is that Russia did not have democratic traditions,unlike Western countries. With the exception of the mid-century veche, Russia has always had a vertical power structure. And with such a vertical-feudal atavism-Society has a very weak feedback loop with its State. And the ruling class in such a vertical is not capitalism , not the proletariat, but the bureaucracy, under the leadership of the Chief Bureaucrat: the General Secretary or the president.

  50. Why does everyone speak only in one person? After all, it is not for nothing that they say how many people, so many opinions. The Communists wanted to create a society of equally minded people, but fortunately it didn't work out. Maybe you just need to live and work normally, not communistically, but normally. It is probably enough to impose on us the various isms invented by Karl, Engels, and Lenin.

  51. Russia is just a huge, unkempt territory. The territory can't want to or not want to. The problem with the RF population is that it is very trusting and simple-minded ( this applies to 90% of the population, but not to the farmers who are in power in the RFII). The monarchy in Russia is not” tired”, but has objectively outlived its usefulness. There has never been any real communism in this territory. Modern RF “capitalism” is not such either. The modern RF government is best described as a criminal-clan kleptocracy. And this is a huge problem of the territory and its population.

  52. And who is Russia? The monarchists are alive. There was no communism, and there was nothing to take root in. Capitalism turned out to be as we knew it, different. Some Soviet people in it became masters, others were reduced to serfs. But it is precisely this serf who strictly gives capitalism the go-ahead. By voting for it. So it's still good for everyone.

  53. Stalin's role in the history of human development surpasses the historical significance of all dictators who existed before him.

    Having destroyed Lenin's Bolshevik government and experienced military personnel who had won the war against world imperialist intervention (the so-called “Civil War”), having shot and repressed most of the specialists who had accepted Soviet power and their students, Stalin declared himself the main Bolshevik and thereby cut off the targeting of the only possible path of development of human society – the society of workers ' power.

    There will be no peaceful development of mankind until a firm assessment of the historical role of the activities of Stalin the dictator is given.

  54. it seems that there was a king and then there were people who he somehow prevented unless there were a lot of them and they were all the people hardly and then everything changed by the way under the king like there was capitalism I don't know developed or not very much but did everyone like it too probably for example writers had questions about its meaning for an individual for a small person and that the stratification was well-fed and not very rich and not very much then they built socialism people got used to novelty like they got used to even flying into space and developing science and in movies there were directors who pleased their viewers and then again the experiment began perestroika and other joys for the authorities and that it became better for someone probably got better with their factories planes and przdniki at their villas and trips to resorts narodd can and wants but he needs to be asked about this but for now, as it seems, he is thinking about the situation

  55. I do not know what Russia wants (the concept is too generalized), but I am sure that everyone wants to live with dignity. Therefore, the problem is the problem of the Government, which is not able to provide this. And it doesn't matter what form it is in the-ism , as long as the-ism is impotent. The presence of state structures, institutions, and attributes does not indicate the existence of a State at all, if the state is dependent on external factors (exchanges, world money, investments, and loans). The state can be called the state that can write its own laws in this area, and not follow the recommendations of the owner from behind the hill. The knowledge of this area is laid down in the Holy Scriptures, which the Church cannot explain, and the Authorities are unable to understand due to the lack of scientific knowledge.

  56. It's just that the people of Russia don't want to work on themselves and their civic consciousness. They constantly try to shift the responsibility to the leader, the leader, the tsar, and then scold him. And the most cunning and impudent of the available ones takes the lead. And what would he do when he grew up in such a society? Of course, to steal and filonit, only in a cunning way and best of all. This is Russia's biggest problem. Laziness, theft, and irresponsibility.

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