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  1. In my opinion, you can't trust all people, there are people who are honest in character and upbringing, there are people who have not been brought up honestly since childhood and cannot be trusted. You won't trust a person right away, you'll recognize them first, and then you'll start to trust them more or less( depending on how they behave). And so the phrase “trust, but check”is always suitable for all cases.�


    There are a lot of situations in life where people just don't understand each other in vain and start jumping to conclusions. The main thing is to understand between each other and be open, then trust will appear.

  2. It is worth it, but not for everyone and not always. For Russia, the rule of not trusting strangers by default is quite true, for Europe-to a lesser extent. For example, this is what the ubiquitous bicycle locks in Russia say. And you should always trust people close to you, because they have passed the trust test a hundred times.

  3. It is entirely your choice-who to trust.
    But the answer is quite simple – it is obvious that you should trust someone who, in your opinion, really deserves it. There are no specific “trust criteria” here – you will always single out worthy people for yourself, and the question “is it worth it?” may not arise with them at all.

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