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  1. I believe that the mat in speech is used by those who have a limited vocabulary. Our mighty Russian language is so diverse and there are no other words to express your feelings and emotions…. Well, I'm sorry – in my opinion, this is an indicator of a certain level of human development.

  2. Naturally! This is really beautiful,just listen to these beautiful sounds of “FUCKED UP” and” FUCK ” ugh, you are the only support and support for me, oh great, powerful, truthful and free Russian language!
    I feel all the Russian power
    Well,in general,there is a fact that the mat helps to cope with pain
    (For example, if you hit your little finger on the bed)

  3. relevance..the first thing to think about before saying a bad word. also, you can't swear with certain people. but at the same time, mat is similar to the word mother. that is, based on this, for a Russian person it is a splash of emotions, even phonetically mat sounds more expressive in Russian. after all, our culture is built on the culture of mata. it is quite difficult to eradicate it. however, you need to remember the measure

  4. I think so. In general, I pay quite close attention to how the interlocutor speaks, and in particular, what place the mat occupies in his speech. If the mat is used as separate relevant accents, and even more so if the person uses not the most trivial options, then I strongly approve. And equally, those who disdain obscenities in general, and those who replace them with all parts of speech in any circumstances, cause me a slight contempt.

  5. If it fits, it's worth it. Everyone sometimes needs to express their emotions and the mat helps to do this. You just need to feel the edge when obscene language crosses the border and is made inappropriate and vulgar.

  6. It depends on who you're talking to.
    When I talk to a longshoreman or a very drunk citizen, the mat simplifies understanding and speeds up the communication process.
    When I communicate with a professor, or just with a cultured person, the results of using the mat will be exactly the opposite.
    But if I deliberately want to look like an uncultured redneck in the eyes of this professor-then yes, then using a checkmate will be a rational tactic.

  7. Mat, or expressive vocabulary, exists in the language for a reason. If the language did not need this, the mat would not have been fixed. And so-look at how much, but how diverse, and despite all the prohibitions!�

    It can be said for a long time that many religions prohibit or strongly recommend not to use bad words in speech, that this is bad, that it is uncultured, etc.

    My own opinion, as a novice philologist: mat — be, BUT there and only where it is really appropriate, and not inserted to express pathos/ not in the theater / not in front of children, preferably. �The list will be completed by everyone himself to the extent of his promiscuity.

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