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  1. Do what you've always wanted to do! There are no recipes here, but I understood for myself: how the path does not curl, and in the end you will come to what you started with, if you went the wrong way.
    I graduated from high school, worked, and then I was overwhelmed by such a wave! I gave up everything and started from scratch to do what I dreamed of. The experience, of course, was invaluable, but you can't just throw half the nature out of yourself, so she got out “in her old age”))

  2. Higher education is not necessary for working and studying exact sciences, but it all depends on the specialization. The same IT specialist can definitely be without a “higher education”, rather you need the desire to study, learn a lot of new things, take courses online or on the basis of a large company. This will be enough to get you started.

    In the case of physics, for example, it seems to me that it is difficult to understand it independently and without equipment.�

    In total, if you have the time, a great desire and you don't know what exactly you want to do – it's worth it. But here you also need to choose the right educational institution ( I would advise with a more democratic type of education, where you can choose your own subjects or at least look carefully at the university program).

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