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  1. it seems to me that smeshariki was first planned as a children's cartoon, but then there was quite a noticeable depth of plot and philosophy, so both children and adults are delighted with smeshariki. but what am I talking about? the question is not about grades, but about the age limit. I mean that smeshariki is suitable for ANY audience.

  2. The cartoon is designed for the whole family , which is why it is called family. But sometimes they touch on very serious topics that children do not understand at all , such as love , depression , the difference in human characters and their inability to contact each other on a more complex level than children can understand. Even the problems of work and the monotony of life were considered. Therefore, I personally think this is a cartoon for the whole family, which may someday make some Vasya think working at the factory and out of the corner of his eye saw on the screen the melancholy of a Hedgehog , attracting everyone's attention to himself Nyusha , hyperactivity and misunderstanding of all Crumbs and fatigue , but at the same time Vera Kopatych.

  3. If you take all the requirements for age restrictions, Smeshariki is closer to 12+, and in some places this bar can be raised.�

    In general, it all depends on what the child's upbringing boils down to. What information and how to submit it.�

    Judging by the current standards, a child under the age of 18 should arrive in the country of pink boogers. And then we give him a powerful foam in the real world, let him slurp and enjoy.

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