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  1. You are mistaken in the very formulation of the question, for some reason believing that hunting and animal protection somehow contradict each other. In fact, hunters are much more interested than others in ensuring that the animal population thrives and multiplies: otherwise, they will have no one to hunt.

    Another thing is that in our country, neither the huntsmen nor the so-called hunting societies do not care a bit about this. This is where you need to change your attitude.

    1. Correctly identify your audience. Hunters hunt. The law allows them to do so. Talk to the hunters, tell them your arguments. Talk to the people who write the laws. Why do you want to protect animals? The answer to this question will be your main argument. �

    2. Campaigning for a non-target audience can cause discussion among those who do not affect the situation, but not any changes.

    3. Argument – you eat meat, stop, and the hunters will not hunt – this will only happen if the hunters also stop eating meat-back to point 1.

  2. Valeria, you have a very sensitive soul. And, I fully support your wish. But, alas, we are often powerless in what is happening far away from us. I think for a while you need to redirect your compassion to your fellow human beings. And maybe fate itself will give you the necessary finances so that you can organize the necessary propaganda…

  3. No way in a healthy society. Because the animal is created to be on the table of a person. Plants are designed to be on the table of herbivores and humans. Inanimate nature (minerals, micro and macronutrients) are created to be on the table of plants, animals and humans. All of nature is a food hierarchy where everything is everything. And the man on top of it. Like it or not.

  4. Please understand that the fact that we will not hunt them will not give any serious results. There was a video explaining that the point is to create an environment for the animal population and a separate environment for hunters, where they can hunt for money. At the same time, hunters ' money is used for population growth. The prices are certainly not modest. I won't throw off the video, I lost it 🙁

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