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  1. There is a point of view, which, as far as I remember, is shared, for example, by Andrey Kuraev, that the question about angels on the tip of a needle can be considered as a medieval mathematical problem, in which the goal is to identify the ratio of zero (an immaterial angel) and infinitesimal (the tip of the needle as the result of an infinite decreasing geometric progression – a thinning needle).

    Therefore, this question is actually a question about the relationship between two mathematical concepts. As we know, infinitesimal is a numerical function that tends to zero. As a consequence, zero (angel) is the limit of an infinitesimal (needle point).

    Thus, we can say that in the limit, one angel will definitely fit on the tip of the needle (the limit of the tip of the needle is equal to an angel). However, on the other hand, the angel is still zero and, therefore, how many angels do not put on the tip of the needle, they will still fit there, i.e. how many do not add to the number 0, it will still remain itself.

  2. Seven, exactly seven angels, mathematics and science have nothing to do with it. This is the domain of theosophy and Divine Revelation. Think for yourself, how can eight angels fit on a needle? Nonsense, heresy

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