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  1. All three books by Gillian Flynn. “Disappeared”, written by the latter, is indeed the most versatile ,it has a powerful social subtext. However, “Dark Secrets” and especially “Sharp Objects” are excellent detective thrillers in their own right. They retain Flynn's trademark cynicism and sarcastic directness. The first book was turned into a movie with Charlize Theron (at the box office in Russia from September 10), the second –into an AMC series (scheduled for release in 2016).

  2. J. Verdon, “Close your eyes tight” – very addictive, the plot is a bit banal, but you understand this already at half past two in the morning, when half the book is over

    Yu. Nesbe, “The Snowman” and “Blood in the Snow” – detectives with a Scandinavian touch, famously wrapped up intrigue and an unusual main character

    Chevy Stevens, “Still missing” – I don't know if this book is translated into Russian, but damn it, this is the most fascinating thriller I've ever read!

  3. I support the answer about the Fandorin series. It is still being updated with books – the last one was published a few months ago.

    Also from detectives, but already foreign, I will recommend John Grisham, for example, the Case of Pelicans. There is even an old film adaptation of this book with Nicole Kidman in the title role.

  4. Absolutely amazing series of books about the adventures of Erast Petrovich Fandorin, Boris Akunin. Start with the very first book “Azazel” and you will not tear yourself away!

  5. “There will be no traces of people here” Zavadsky

    Thriller, adventure, disaster, survival horror. I read it in a few evenings. Dynamic, intriguing, in some places the author does not bother to describe the scenery in order to attract and not let you get bored. He asks questions about which we are modestly silent. Why does Earth need us at all? I recommend you to read it.

  6. The silkworm is the second book about detective Cormoran Strike. The first one is Cuckoo's calling. Very interesting and sometimes frightening books, but not devoid of descriptions of human relationships

  7. Michael Robotham Is A Suspect. A very interesting psychological detective story. Well, Le Caret – Spy get out, also a good novel with a pleasant heavy atmosphere.

  8. The answer will probably not be very original, but here I can advise you to contact Stephen King. For example, two excellent books: “The Shining “and”Misery”. There's a horror story and a detective story. It's incredibly interesting to read)

  9. “Smilla and Her Sense of Snow” by Peter Heg. Detective story with elements of thriller and hints of mysticism. The first book that gave the author worldwide recognition.

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