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  1. Call a professional domina. It will “teach” the groom and at the same time his friends a woman to serve in a playful way;) I can tell you the contact of one with the education of a theater director and, accordingly, excellent artistic taste and imagination

  2. Whatever idea of holding a bachelor party you choose, the main thing is that it should be full of positive events and a cheerful mood. Moreover, the possible options can be perfectly combined with each other.
    The key to a well-held bachelor party is a fun company, a well-thought-out interesting program, a well-chosen venue, which can be helped by an agency specialized in organizing such events, as well as a good mood of the groom and his friends. Traditionally, such a party should be held on the eve of the wedding. However, given that the fun is often delayed after midnight, while alcohol and festivities do not have the best effect on the groom's well-being, it is better to hold a bachelor party in advance, for example, a week before the upcoming wedding.

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