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  1. She came by. I wanted to build a house in the woods, live there, shoot arrows. It seemed to me that it was pointless to waste life on trifles, you should enjoy it. I liked the idea at first. I wanted to implement it as soon as I turned 18. I planned my schedule, came up with a house.

    After a while, I realized that I would not survive in such conditions. Poor eyesight, lack of survival skills, and a desire to constantly learn something new prevented me.

    I didn't completely abandon the idea. I decided that it was better to just have a small house in the country and live like a civilized person.

  2. I came, and to this day I can't completely push it away. Why did she come?�
    It is in the forest, mountains, and steppe that I feel most strongly that I need neither more nor less. So let's say complete happiness is here and now.
    �But since I chose the path of a medic, these are incompatible things

  3. She came, but I immediately realized that she was stupid. After all, the state inherently exists to meet needs. For example, specialization helps to divide labor, because there, in nature, you will have to study all the sciences in order to survive, and in civilization not all, but only a small part. For example, a doctor meets a need for health, a builder meets a need for housing, or an angler meets a need for fish. In general, it is easier to live in civilization, because as Aristotle said in “Politics”: “A being who lives outside of civilization is either an animal or a deity.”

  4. She didn't come to me. Despite the fact that there are a lot of positive aspects in nature and its close existence, most of all I get inspiration from people and the products of their creativity. No amount of sunsets, leaves and subsistence farming will replace my human energy

  5. She came, of course, but usually because of the beautiful nature photos, the romantic lifestyle and all that. Why did I reject it? Because I try to look at things realistically and understand that I am not quite, far from fully prepared for such a life. To a life where there will be no communication with loved ones (unless this distance from civilization does not catch the cellular network or you have persuaded your loved ones to follow you), banal things like charging from the phone, shower, stove. And these are not the needs of a spoiled person, but the needs of an ordinary modern person. I don't see the point in giving up the benefits of civilization achieved by man. And if you are so tired of this whole routine, then go for a weekend in the forest, on a hike, in a remote village, relax, then look at the situation. I hope I answered your question.

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