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  1. Not so long ago I read H. Shapira's book “Happiness and other insignificant things of absolute importance” (By the way, there are many other thought-provoking sayings in the book), which quotes the words of Baruch Spinoza:

    Either don't be angry, or don't say goodbye.

    And it also explains:

    What Spinoza means is that before you get angry with someone, you should make it clear to yourself whether you ever intend to forgive that person. Of course, you are very angry with him now, but if you are going to forgive him – tomorrow, in a week, a month or a year-then you should not be angry at all. This will save you a lot of nerves and mental strength.

    I also like the following line from D. Orwell's novel “1984”:

    The best books are those that tell us what we already know.

  2. I, as a big fan of Dostoevsky, can safely say that all his works are, literally, a collection of sayings. I'll limit myself to a few:

    1) ” A person is unhappy because he does not know that he is happy; only because. That's all, that's all! Whoever finds out will be happy right now, right this minute.” – I'm not sure if this quote needs any explanation, especially since they are very commonplace. Whatever one may say, being happy is a categorical imperative, and only if we choose this path will we really be happy.�

    2) “A scoundrel gets used to everything!” – I think it's a mistake to think that this is a stone in the garden of human pliability and flexibility. To some extent, we must be “soft” so as not to ossify in prejudices and false opinions, so that the point of view can change, and we can become wiser. Perhaps in other life situations we should adapt, but not lose the human face. But once we get used to something bad, unfair, we begin to take it for granted,perhaps even encourage it. Now this is especially noticeable and worries me a lot.

  3. To communicate with God, I do not need an intermediary – Tolstoy. The quote is simply beautiful , it embodies the existing religious fanaticism in Russia, which seizes cathedrals and kindergartens as temples, ending with the constitution of the Russian Federation. Well, I generally keep silent about commerce in the ranks of churches.

    A smart person wants to control himself – a child wants sweets-Jalaladdin Rumi. In my opinion, the quote represents the predominance of a person's mind over vices.

    Commerce has nothing to do with creating music – Ice Cube. If commerce begins in creativity, then creativity ends.

    If you don't keep up , you may hear another drum – Ken Kesey , flying over the cuckoo's nest. If a person acts differently from others, it means that they have their own view and principles on this.

    A wretched little man with nothing to be proud of, grasps at the only thing possible and is proud of the nation to which he belongs – Arthur Schopenhauer. Greetings to the nationalists.�

    There is nothing noble about being superior to others. Nobility – superiority over the former-Ernest Hemingway. Everything is very clear here.

    We have become degraded consumers who are served a tray of shit and are happy with it – Chuck Palahniuk. This quote represents the current situation in Russia in terms of music and cinema, and politics too.

    We live like pigs and die like pigs because we are nothing to each other. Not everyone will understand , most likely those who watched this movie.

  4. Cogito, ergo sum-I think, therefore I exist. “I love that saying because it calmed me down when I really wondered if I was real or just an illusion.
    Another good quote from the Bible, “I said to him,' Follow Me, and let the dead bury their dead ' – for me, this means that you need to be able to leave your past and move on.
    I really like quotes from Mayakovsky's poems, but I don't like to take them out of context, so I just advise you to read them.

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