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  1. This strong view will never be there.

    It is impossible to make sure that the body is adapted to all possible conditions at the same time. The first and obvious reason is that it is very expensive and redundant. Why adapt to the heat when the creature will spend its entire life in Antarctica? Why grow legs if the creature feels great in the water?

    But there is a second reason: that many evolutionary features exclude each other. For example, a weak and strong nervous system. Here we have a flock of rabbits. Half of them are nervous and fearful, and the other half are brave and calm. So the rabbits moved to a new clearing, where there is a lot of grass. The predators don't seem to be visible, but what if they're just sleeping? Brave rabbits with a strong nervous system will be the first to run out into the clearing. If there are no predators in the clearing, brave rabbits will quickly chew up all the grass and feed their offspring, and cowardly food may not be enough. So a bold strategy is a winning one? As if not so. What if there were predators in the clearing? Then the bold ones are eaten, and the timid ones survive, they eat carefully, hide from predators, and successfully raise offspring.

    It is impossible for rabbits to be both bold and fearful at the same time, these are two different strategies. Both are useful under some conditions, and harmful under others.

    So there is no end to evolution. It will simply spawn more and more species, each of which will be adapted strictly to its own habitat. Evolution will preserve diversity.

  2. If you think about it, the race has only one end — everyone will die. Therefore, the only option for life is to develop the intelligence of a species to such an extent that it moves from a dying planet to another and brings with it as many species as possible. Ideally, it should be developed so that biomes can be organized in the most appropriate parts of the universe. We have from 1 to 5 billion years to do this (and maybe less if we are not ready for global catastrophes). First we'll move to Mars, then to Titan, then somewhere else…�

    Or, if we talk about preserving inorganic consciousness, we need to create AI that can reproduce itself, so that it creates inorganic life forms that will be easier to exist in difficult conditions.

  3. And so.. Hello there) I will share with you my vision of this issue. No matter what theory of evolution you are talking about, any fully intelligent species that is endowed with intelligence and is able to adapt in different ways (adapt or adapt the environment to itself) in the environment would not allow the destruction of living organisms (species) that are not necessary at first glance. Simply put, if a living species of an organism does not pose a threat to a stronger species, and is not a barrier to the evolution of a stronger species, then a special environment is created for such an organic environment (in this case, our planet earth is a great fit.) In fact, everything depends on the way of development of the species, which has the ability to evolve over other species. For now, as an example: This is us, people! we control and inhabit most of the planet……….the presence of intelligence!? … biorobots!?…creating your own kind!?)(logically)….. there are always more questions than answers. Humanity follows the path of a technical way of life(which is not the only way of development). Each way of life has its own conclusion and limits of development)))… Imho. Ps: I think that there is nowhere to hide and run, evolution in all directions is inevitable in the near future, adaptation is one of the most important aspects) and yes, do not forget about the main thing) Everything is cyclical.. Thank you for your attention. (Answer to the question: There is already a winner in the race for survival) …………………………………………………No, not a human.

  4. Things are a bit more complicated. Each species does not exist in a vacuum. He eats something, breathes something, lives somewhere. Other species help or hinder it, and it is embedded in the ecosystem. To kill them all would be to undermine the foundations of your own survival. Besides, there is no pinnacle of evolution. There is always an even better adapted individual. And the conditions change constantly, often, by the efforts of life itself. So don't worry, evolution won't stop.

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