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  1. atheists and believers are not born; they become atheists by consciously choosing one or another worldview. And then, apparently it's such a ma'am that believers are hoping for a good life out there somewhere – they're looking for a good life here already.

    7 But turn away from worthless and womanish fables, eh8 For physical exercise is of little use, but
    godliness is profitable for all things, having the promise of life here and hereafter.
    (1 Timothy 4: 7,8)

    the only difference between them is that atheists look at life more through physics, chemistry, biology, and believers – through metaphysics, take it higher, that is.

  2. The 160-character limit does not allow worpos to be formulated more fully.

    An atheist lives with the certainty that life is one and that he can build a paradise for himself on earth. And now, at the end of their journey, how many atheists pass away as happy people, how many of them can say that their childhood dreams have all come true and their life has been a success.

    And when a believer passes away, he is full of hope, he believes that a wonderful life awaits him in paradise. If you sincerely believe in paradise from childhood and understand that our life on planet Earth is just a temporary stop, before a happy eternal life in paradise. Then many problems in this life, “become” small and unimportant.

  3. Everyone knows the old parable of hope, but some people have completely distorted its meaning. And the case, in short, was like this. �

    When the gods wanted to punish people, they presented Pandora with a box of vices, including hope, and ordered her not to open it. But Pandora's curiosity got the better of her, and her vices spread all over the world. The last thing left in the casket was hope, as the most serious of vices. And this is very symbolic, because it is hope that creates false illusions. It creates a wait, instead of the required action. It is most often the reason for postponing an action. It distorts the real world. It is frustrating because of high expectations. And it often happens that people spend their whole lives waiting for something, instead of doing something. And most importantly, people do not live their lives right now, their whole life is in the future, and in the present it is not.

    And whether a person is a theist or an atheist, his life does not exist as long as there is any hope in it.

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