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  1. I decided to ask what tasks our Ministry of Culture declares for itself.

    Went to the site: https://www.mkrf.ru/activities/tasks/

    The public declaration for the year coming to an end issues “404 not found”. Everything you need to know about our Ministry of Culture.

    Okay, let's take last year:

    The main goals of the state cultural policy are to form a harmoniously developed personality and strengthen the unity of Russian society through priority cultural and humanitarian development.
    – strengthening civic identity, creating conditions for educating citizens;
    — preservation of historical and cultural heritage and its use for upbringing and education;
    – transmission from generation to generation of traditional values and norms, traditions, customs and patterns of behavior for the Russian civilization; creating conditions for each person to realize his creative potential;
    – ensuring citizens ' access to knowledge, information, cultural values and benefits

    There are no restrictions or censorship at the declaration level.

    This is another matter, because at the level of declarations, we have “creating conditions for implementation”, and in practice “comics for morons”, and each person means only an approved person.

    “Abide by your declaration!”

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