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  1. Unlikely. I would even say “unbelievable”.

    Here come the Fritzes, seize the cities and villages in your country, burn and destroy, kill your countrymen, your relatives. Will you think about the world revolution? About communism, about other distant abstractions? I doubt. But the Motherland and what is happening to it-here, before your eyes. And Stalin, though not in front of our eyes, is a symbol that everyone knows about, which represents this motherland, so to speak. You don't bring revolution to the Fritzes, you don't fight them for the sake of class struggle, but for the sake of revenge. For the Motherland and what they do to it. What you see with your own eyes without any ideological lectures. Against the background of this picture, any communism is seen as smallish.

    All of this is not based on any sources and is considered a personal opinion. However, here are the words of front-line soldier Roman Filippovich Fedoseyev:

    And at the front, even in the most difficult battles, there are moments of calm, when the soul asks for communication, memories of a peaceful life. And then what could be sweeter than a conversation with a dear fellow countryman! If you remember our mutual acquaintances, every seemingly trivial thing – how we went to the hayfield, how we caught carp in Argun, how we played someone's wedding-then your heart will feel good,good, and you will get so angry that the damned German ruined all this, that you will go into battle angry, ready to sweep everything away on your way…

  2. The soldiers shouted Russian hurrah! Try running with a rifle about Stalin to shout, shout, shout, shout, shout, shout, shout, shout.

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