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  1. I'll wait until Roskomnadzor blocks itself. I will offer the vacant chair to anyone who wants it.�

    symbols symbols more symbols more symbols more more symbols more more more symbols all!

  2. You're probably already big, you can stand up and run around. And Roskomnadzor is a state-owned organization, and the state should take care of the elderly. So put them on their laps and go ahead.

  3. I'll take the chiseled peaks, cut down the jerked-off cocks, sit on this chair, put my mother on my knees (:

    Taks taks taks what do we have here? 140 characters? Ahaha NAKANETTA!

  4. There are two possible solutions.
    First: You need to take the sharpened peaks and cut off what is on the second chair 🙂 To be honest, I like it better than the second one.
    And the second: You need to sit on the peaks, and put the mother on her knees.

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