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  1. I will start from a distance, so that it is clear what I want to say. There are many theories about whether mathematics was created artificially or whether it already existed from the very beginning. Let me explain the last thing, the relations in objective reality, for example, E=mc^2 already existed, we just called these events by their proper names, just like an orange is an orange, or yellow is a yellow color, etc.

    What I'm driving at is that it doesn't matter if we artificially created mathematics or if it already existed and we discovered it. It is important that it fully describes the objective reality, without any distortions. A person cannot understand many processes in our world, such as quantum mechanics, through the prism of reason. We do not encounter such physical processes in life and are very limited in the perception of the world by our senses, and in any case, the final operator is the brain and the result of how it presents the data obtained does not always converge with what it really is.

    A person who knows mathematics, looks at formulas and knows how the world works and what it is. Perhaps this is pure reflection, because the formulas do not depend on your mood, race, religion, location. They exist and everything, like all objective reality, this is the trick of mathematics and science in general, it describes everything and is true. So the brain, depending on the given conditions that I wrote above, can change the concept of the world that it sees. For example, people see colors differently depending on the language, but this is another topic.

    In short, you can talk about this topic for years.

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