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  1. Yes, Hugo's statement is undoubtedly “relevant, including for the author of this question,” since the statement is meaningless due to the fact that instead of the word “civilized” it should be “civilize”.

  2. If you look at this statement, having a sober view of politics ( and understanding what is happening there from the inside), then this can prevent insidious plans. After all, if the people are educated and think with their heads, they will not forgive small mistakes. This can lead to ochlocracy , a form of government where all power is given to the mob. But as we know, sooner or later, the crowd needs to be controlled.

    The statement itself is very optimistic.

    In modern reality, it works quite well, but not completely.

    The people are a child. It should be well fed, amused without burdening it, and led without letting it feel its fetters.

    Pierre Boist

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