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  1. Good for the Jewish people. A Jew, for example, can pray in a mosque if there is no synagogue nearby. It's convenient. As for the theft of gods and other figures of worship, religious doctrines, etc., almost all religions, with the rarest exceptions (in the form of some isolated tribal cults), have significant borrowings in their composition. This is the whole religious life, it does not recognize that people have property rights to the gods.

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    1. God cannot be appropriated. God, by definition, is an infinite, omnipresent Person, with free will and unlimited power, and therefore cannot belong to any of the people or nations. But God can reveal Himself to a people according to His own good pleasure and give them His own law, by which they can draw near to Him.

    1. Religion (Latin: religare — “to bind, to connect”) is a certain system of views based on belief in the supernatural, which includes a set of moral norms and types of behavior, rituals, cult actions, and the association of people in organizations (church, ummah, sangha, religious community…)[1]. – definition from Wikipedia. In other words, religion can be understood as a worldview system of views based on the idea of God or gods.

    3. Based on the definitions of God and religion, I conclude that God cannot be appropriated, but religion as a system of views can be. Next, it is necessary to analyze whether there was a theft of religion from the Jews at all.

    1. I will start with the fact that Judaism, Christianity,and Islam are not identical religions, even though they are monotheistic. I will make some comparisons of these religious beliefs:

    a) For Judaism and Islam, God is One and is one Person. In Christianity, God is One, but threefold in Person.

    b) In Judaism and Islam, God is invisible and not incarnate; in Christianity, God is incarnate in a human being. Jesus Christ is a perfect God and a perfect man.

    c) Judaism and Islam characterize God as a just and merciful Judge. Christianity says that God is love. God is not just endowed with the quality of loving, but God does everything out of love.

    d) Judaism and Islam are characterized by the fulfillment of the law, Christianity is characterized by the pursuit of moral perfection. The commandment to love your enemies exists only in Christianity.

    *** Further information about these religions is provided in the book “Religious and Philosophical Foundations of History”.

    e) Islam can be regarded to some extent as a syncretic teaching, since it was formed from Jewish, Christian, and local Arab influences, to which Persian and Hindu influences were later added. However, Mahomet's religious concept must still be recognized as original, since he developed the local Arab idea of Allah in a form that does not coincide with either the Jewish or Christian ideas about the relationship of the Deity to humanity, not to mention the Hindu ideas.

    The Arabs of Mahomet's time, especially the Bedouin Ishmaelites, were at a very low level of religious development, descending to an animistic and fetistic character. They worshipped various minor deities, among them the three daughters of Allah, that is, a God whose essence was very obscure to the Arabs, although the concept of Allah still expressed their idea of God primarily. The cult of Allah was very widespread, and its temple was the Kaaba (in Mecca) with a famous black stone (maybe aerolite). All the Arab tribes flocked to worship here for the Hajj festival, the time of which was a mandatory truce for all tribes. It was precisely the festival of Allah, the idea of which was developed by Mahomet.

    f) In the creation of Islam, Mahomet took a huge step back, to the depths of the past millennia, and in this he is very different from Christianity and Judaism. He set out to restore the ancient faith of Abraham, rejecting the entire series of millennia in which the further development of the faith of Abraham took place. Judaism itself started from the faith of Abraham, but did not stop there. It supplemented it with the Law of Moses, the inspirations of the prophets, the extensive interpretations of learned rabbis, the recognition of “tradition” as equivalent to the law, and finally, an artificial reading of Scripture that allowed almost any meaning to be put into its letter. In this way, Jewry created a complex faith in which, while seemingly strictly obeying the letter of the law, it almost emancipated itself from it by means of “interpretations” designed to determine the precise legal meaning of the law. By means of an artificial reading of the Scriptures, the Jews even introduced the concepts of pagan philosophy into their faith in the secret teachings of Kabbalah.

    No less than the Jews, Christianity recognized the faith of Abraham as its starting point, and it recognized the Law of Moses. But while Christianity did not reject the Law, it abolished it through ” fulfillment.” It has discovered the spirit of the law under the letter of the law, made it a religious task to fulfill the spirit of the law, and thus made it no longer necessary to fulfill its letter. Thus, both Christianity and Judaism, recognizing the faith of Abraham as their own, did not stop there, but went further along the path of developing religious consciousness and religious life. The idea of Mahomet, in sharp contrast, rejected the entire work of religious consciousness for five millennia and set out to return to the faith of Abraham.

    By goal, it was the movement of an undeveloped mind back to primitiveness, to the first glimmerings of true faith. In fact, it was even impossible to do this because the faith of Abraham is known (according to the Scriptures) only in the most general terms. But such a goal placed Mahomet on national-Arab soil. About the faith of Abraham, he had to look for information in the traditions of the Arabs, descendants of Abraham's son, Ishmael, and in the direct inspirations and revelations of Mahomet himself. To Abraham's belief in one God (there is no God but God), he added an explanatory statement – ” and Mahomet is His Prophet.”

    Thus, the creed of Mahomet became independent and peculiarly Arabic. “From the narrow confines of the Christian-Jewish sect (which was the first teaching of Mahomet), Islam is immediately released into the national religion of the Arab people,” says A. Muller (A. Muller. History of Islam, vol. I. p. 117).

    1. Based on point 4, we can reasonably conclude that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are different religions, but with a common idea of One almighty God and with some other common religious elements. Therefore, there was no theft of the religion of the Jews, but there was borrowing of religious ideas of a different order.

    If the formation of Islam used the borrowing of foreign religious ideas for the Arab people, then Christianity absorbed everything that the Jewish people were familiar with, adding those religious ideas and norms that were not present in any religion. Otherwise, we can say that Judaism was transformed into Christianity after the appearance of Jesus Christ. After all, if all Jews recognized Jesus Christ as the Messiah promised by the Old Testament prophets, then Judaism as a separate religion would not exist. If Judaism in the person of its prophets promised salvation to mankind, then Christianity revealed salvation itself, which caused some concepts of Jewish religious life to be abolished (for example, Christianity denies justification by the law, but accepts justification by faith in Jesus Christ). Islam has no such connection with either Judaism or Christianity, so it is an independent Arab religion.

    1. Christianity and Islam became independent of Judaism after their formation. There has been hostility and opposition between Christianity and Judaism from the very beginning of Christianity's life, which has not ended to this day. The confrontation between Islam and Judaism also took place in history. This confrontation is evidence that Christianity and Islam do not pursue the same goals as Judaism. Based on this statement, I conclude that the Jewish people have lost quite a lot from the formation of Christianity and Islam, because these religions have become opponents of Jewish goals. But now there are some rabbis who say that the establishment of Christianity and Islam is a planned action of Judaism, which was done to achieve the goals set by Judaism, but this conclusion does not hold water when considering the history of the relationship between these religions. Judaism has always tried to undermine both Christianity and Islam from within. To which there was a corresponding reaction from representatives of Christianity and Islam. This work “Religious and Philosophical foundations of History” by L. Tikhomirov contains extensive material on this topic. This book sets out the goals and objectives that Judaism has been pursuing for some time. Many other sources say the same thing. I will not touch on this complex topic here. To be more specific, what exactly Judaism lost from the emergence of Christianity and Islam, I think it is power and influence over other nations. Also, of course, in the course of military confrontations with Christians and Muslims, Jews were deprived of not small material wealth.

    2. The history of religious thought knows quite a few examples when one nation borrowed some religious ideas from another. A striking example is Buddhism, which originated from Hinduism. Also, the pagan religions of different peoples had quite a lot in common. Religious borrowing, religious syncretism has always been present in the history of religious thought….

  3. It is a common misconception, but no less false, that the Christian and Muslim God is somehow the same god that the Jews worship. This is not so, the theological differences are significant!

    The Jewish Yahweh (although he is sometimes called Elohim, that is, Allah) was originally one of the ancestral gods, and even after he was once proclaimed the only one (and this was probably much later than is usually believed), he still remained only the national Jewish god, although it was claimed that he was also the creator of the world (however, this plot was simply borrowed by Jews from Sumerian and other more ancient legends).

    The New Testament is written in Greek, although the action takes place in the Roman province of Judea, and the essence of Christianity was developed at the Ecumenical Councils of the first centuries AD on the basis of Greek philosophy. The fact that Yeshua refers to the Jewish prophets and the commandments of Moishah is nothing more than a literary figure. The Christian God is not a “creator god” – he is a triune Word, i.e. Logos, i.e. it is a Logical, Rational God. From John:

    “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. It was in the beginning with God. All things were made by Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. In Him was life, and life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not embrace him… “

    The Jews did have a tradition that one day the “king of the Jews” would come – and when Yeshua appeared with his sermons and miracles, many people thought that this was him. But what Christ said was very different from the Jewish religion – that is why the priests disowned him and handed him over to the authorities as a criminal. He is still considered an apostate from Judaism, and he was.

    Has anyone appropriated Jehovah? No, not at all, Jehovah is the calling card of any Jew, and is not associated with anyone else.

  4. The overwhelming majority of religions are borrowing its content from other peoples. Simply put, this is a complete plagiarism and nothing else.
    We know that God is omnipresent and one for all people, regardless of the religion you belong to. Anyone can pray, if he sees fit, not only in any house of worship, but also on the street, at home, in the forest, in any place. The result will be the same-God does not need your prayers. He evaluates people by their actions. He doesn't care how much money you give to the priest or how many races you say your prayers. Remember only for your cases. This will determine how you will live like in hell or like in heaven.
    I think so. And you?

  5. What do you mean by appropriated? This question is incorrect. Belief in the Jewish god is far from the oldest, and it is most likely more correct to say that the Jewish god is the appropriation of everything from many religions, the magi, the immaculate conception, the coming of the Messiah and much more existed long before the Jewish god.

    And then popularization of Jewish religious folklore and further monetization with branches around the world. Of course, religious business and management of the masses of believers are a tasty morsel in any state. Hence so many ramifications.

  6. Religions do not steal, but, on the contrary, produce their expansions to foreign peoples, because then it is easier to deal with these peoples on the basis of common spiritual values. And no one stole their Judaism from the Jews. A very specific denomination, too rigid, authoritarian and demanding, sometimes changes people beyond recognition. Especially religious Jews are not tolerated even in Israel. There was a Khazar khaganate that adopted Judaism as the state religion (here is a historical example for the author), but it was destroyed. If the author meant Christianity, then the Jews did not accept this denomination and demanded the execution of its founder. They still do not recognize Christ as either God or the Son of God (more than all other people). The second example of religious expansion (and not the theft of religion) is the baptism of Rus and its conversion to the Byzantine faith (Orthodox Christianity, renamed by our ancestors into Orthodoxy).

  7. About thefts in religion. The supernatural world is one. The fact that different religions often overlap confirms this. All religions are different paradigms of understanding this world. Just as the science that studies this world has no nationality, so religion is essentially a religion. People will come to understand this over time

  8. The God whom the Jews have worshipped since ancient times is, as the Word of God says, not only the God of the Jews, but also of other nations. The Bible says, ” Is God the God of the Jews only, and not also of the Gentiles? Surely also the Gentiles, for there is one God who will justify the circumcised by faith and the uncircumcised by faith “(Romans 3: 29,30). Therefore, we can say that we are not talking about theft, but that the peoples who previously worshiped fictional gods and were considered pagan, stopped worshiping such gods and accepted the true Creator God.

  9. The ethnic group is rather in the negative: its assimilation has become much easier. For every individual Jew, the opposite is true: for the same reason.

    The religion of the ancient Jews is a variation on Semitic themes, it did not “belong”to them.

  10. First, there is an inaccuracy in the translation of the word “religion”. The particle re posits vozobnoalenie, interrelation, or rather, the translation “connection of everything with everything”. there is a Nasa photo (nizer) of a section of the night sky – there, a complex umtroystaom and methodology removed the “connection of everything with everything” in the universe of only one X-ray radiation, and their-the abyss and other chamtot-aol. And there are also resonant connections, and they are more important, because through them all invisible Forces are acquired -consciousness, feelings, and bodily life.
    Of course, it was not the Jews who were robbed of the terms of any interaction between the living beings of the community. Try to imagine how you would survive if the cells inside you cheated each other, killed each other, stole each other and competed to the death, and did not fulfill the role of their created nature. The liver would go to the brain, and the brain would go to all the organs directly.
    Even beasts comply with these conditions between mobs, not to mention that there are such laws within them as well…
    I will no longer refer to Sumer or Tutankhamun, as Cosidovsky's case proves.

    Now about Araham. He was not a Jew, nor was their master one of the Levites or Pharisees or Kagans. He was circumcised at the age of 99 and was not necessarily circumcised on the 8th day by a Jew. Take the book by Prof. Shlomo Zand University of Tel Aviv, published in 12 languages ” Who and how invented the Yearei people?”, see the same works of Amer. a well-known prof.biochemistry A. Klyosov on eureach as “indistinguishable mixture of tribal, ethnic and cultural roots” I'm sorry, what Jesus said about himself and the Jews circumcised and circumcised around the world people of different Nations
    (as this is now the whole country is going on the efforts of the who to the UN, with 40 years in hospitals and without the knowledge of the parents, without exception, one Malysheva what is in this case in Russia)
    them the Pharisees and scribes – “sons of hell” (Matthew 23:15). And this is canon!!! And the circumcised ones are twice as bad as the circumcised ones. And circumcision, as well as Levites, cohens, kagans, Pharaohs – our tribesmen, as well as “blond”, according to the Bible, David-the inventor of the first Holocausts in roasting furnaces with preliminary dismemberment with iron axes, threshing machines, saws of women, children, old people, these very same living damaged half-Cyborgs-Jews (2 Samuel, the Bible).

    So do not confuse Jesus and his Word of Truth about the Laws, Plan and plan – the image of creation, preservation and any living (i.e. non – destructive) interaction with fiction and blind faith instead of the knowledge and experience of revelation-the feeling of the living, tested for thousands of years in co-Existence, co-Feeling, co – Conduct in personal-marital-kinship-communal-folk-multi-national-universal-Supra-universal “connection of everything with everything”. Jesus made no secret of the fact that he knew the Prophets, our ancestors. And in the newly discovered “Apocrypha of John” in the last century, Jesus tells about the creation of the world and … at the end refers to the”book of Zoroaster”.
    Let us not forget that the ancestors of Jesus and John the Baptist by their mothers are from the high priesthood of Aaron, a Zoroastrian Egyptian priest (Hermeticism-hrmzd-Ahura Mazda).

    And death, Zoroaster, Aaron, Jesus – according to Zoroastrian knowledge, “connections of everything with everything” are voluntary, namely, a sacrifice in order to bind the Evil that their killer (Zoroaster) brings to humanity. Now guess what evil both Moses and Jesus bound together for a long time, and you'll be surprised how important it is today. Just do not make a mistake with the definition of the true carriers of Evil…
    I do not write anything of my own here, only the Bible and ancient things known to everyone.

  11. A very real Jew, Mark Elijah Ravage, a biographer of the Rothschilds (also not Papuans), wrote about HOW the Jews gave the faith called Christianity to the whole world. Christianity was originally intended to ” save the sheep of the house of Israel.” The “sheep” did not want to be saved. They prefer the Torah and its teachings. And they crucified the preacher. And the idea of HUMILITY (tolerance of those days) was dragged to Europe. Idiots from slaves and marginals began to believe in the fairy tale of a better life after death. And some of the opponents of the authorities laid down their weapons. And the elites began to convert to Christianity. Similarly, in the Russian Federation, these” elites ” of parasitism become preachers of liberalism, tolerance, and repentance… What to dream about? Overgrown with fables and myths,Christianity broke up into currents. Which prove its artificiality. The teaching of love for one's neighbor of Catholics, Baptists, and Protestants is met with the bayonets of apologists of the same teaching, and in the Russian Orthodox Church too. The Russian Orthodox Church itself has split into three branches that are not in the world. WHO benefits from contention ? The Jews. Even the fact that they delay funds for solving the urgent problems of life in states that are far from rich. And if we take into account that the surnames of our patriarchs in the Russian Federation are often far from native Russian…Who benefits from Christianity?

  12. You probably mean Jesus Christ, who was Jewish by nationality and Jewish by his religious views. However, historians claim that in the chronicles of that time there is no mention of such a person. Well, even if he was, he was an ordinary person, but not a god. For the Jewish people, he was an apostate, a schismatic, and therefore a despised and hated person. Treachery is not welcome among any people. So He was less well-liked than even a serial killer.
    He was never a Jewish god, but an ordinary man. According to the Gospels, he called himself a man. If anything, he was a prophet. Like Mahomet for the Moslems or Moses for the Jews. This means that he spoke to the people from God and was the founder of the Christian religion. I repeat, Jesus is not God.

  13. The whole world did not appropriate the Jewish god Jehovah. His pushy and muddy “apostle” Saul….Paul, sniffed at the unsuspecting first Christians). He did his best to unite the inexplicable – the teachings of Christ and the Old Testament Jewish traditions.

  14. Eeeeh…. May people forgive me! There was no theft. There was a misunderstanding of what was going to happen.
    Since the fall, man has become an enemy of God. Humanity has gone its own way. Some people like this path, some don't, but the end of this path is hell. Man is created in the image and likeness of God. God loves man and does not want him to perish ( John 3:16), but how can you save someone who is at enmity with you?
    It's been a long road… To begin with, God created a nation that, in a completely hostile world, was supposed to be an embassy of God on Earth. Next, Jesus Christ, the incarnate God, was to come to this people. And His mission was to die and pay for the sins of the people with His death. Thus, man was able to justify himself before God. This justification cannot be obtained by one's own actions, for man's nature remains sinful. So God saves people not by their works, but by grace, through faith in Jesus Christ (this is by no means permissiveness and lawlessness). If the Jews had realized this, they would not have crucified Him, they would have been afraid to do it. And God planned to save not only Jews, but all people on earth in general! The Jewish people were to accept Him, execute Him, and a Church was to be formed among those who were familiar with God's Word (i.e., Jews). Other peoples who did not know God were simply unable to do so. God had to work on the Jews for many centuries to complete His plan. So this people became like a working tool in the hand of God for the salvation of all who believe. That is, God used human sinfulness and his hostile attitude towards Him in order to save these very enemies.
    Here it is worth saying that this story is not yet finished. In the near future (we do not know the exact time frame), the construction of the Church of God (not Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant, but specifically God's) will be completed. After that, the Jews will finally understand and accept Jesus Christ as their Messiah. And for the role that these people performed on earth (without knowing it), God has provided for them the greatest reward in eternity. So there was no theft, it was God's providence that used the Jews to open the way of salvation and justification before God to all(!) nations. And believe me, nothing like this has ever happened in history and cannot be.

  15. Hello there. Of course, yes. This is exactly what should make believers think (no, no, I'm not against faith, I'm not neutral to all people's preferences and views). I just want to give an example , one of many, in the accumulation of borrowings. I will not go far and will take as an example the teaching of monotheism, (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in such a sequence that it is chronological).

    At the heart of all monotheistic or Avramic teaching is the Torah in Judaism, in Christianity the Old Testament he Pentateuch of Moses (in Islam it is Musa) and all together the most “abgreydenoe” as if version 31 Islam. In itself, it is clear that one thing follows from the other-this is already borrowing. But from what is the creation of the world itself and the events of Scripture borrowed? Some of the celestials are taken from Egyptian beliefs there are many of them some even retained the phonetic similarity of pronunciation and here you can argue of course. But what I can't argue with is the legend of Helgamesh, which describes in some detail the events that are almost 90% similar to the flood about Noah with his sons and the Ark. The format will not allow you to describe in detail all the similarities of the plots, for those who are interested, read or listen for yourself (audiobook), but the sequence of borrowings is obvious.

    Primary sources (apocrypha-stories and reasons are not all included in the Scripture and not all are available for study) are kept somewhere in the Vatican and I assume that there is even more evidence of borrowing, otherwise why keep them but not publish them.

    In a certain sense, poletheistic / pagan beliefs are also subject to borrowing (Hercules in Greece and Hercules in Rome. The pantheons of Celtic Germanic and Slavic deities are often the same thing. Totheism is also not far removed from borrowing (mother-seal father deer). This borrowing can be traced back to the first dynasty of the Frankish Viking Kings. well, you can continue for a long time. In general (with a few exceptions, especially in isolation), religions are partially or completely transformed and migrate from people to people. And about the Jews the question is controversial rather it is their misfortune if you remember the Middle Ages and actually everywhere and always including our time, the” Artodox ” especially the Peasant hurries to remind you that the Jews are God-killers, forgetting the truth, sometimes that Jesus is onzhe Yeshu in Judaism and onzhe Isa in Islam, was himself a Jew flesh of the flesh of Mary onazhe Mari.

    Well, something like that.

  16. There are only three religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (in order of their historical birth). God reveals Himself to all mankind. Man lives in time: Abraham received a revelation from God in the 18th century BC, Muhammad in the 6th century AD, and for God there is no concept of time, since God is Eternity. You share the concepts: “for Judaism, Islam: fulfilling the law, for Christianity: moral perfection” – but this is the concept of Truth “The truth will make you free”. To fulfill the law, to perfect oneself in God , is the path that brings a person back to his ideal state of being, as a person should be. Moral perfection is, first of all, the fulfillment of God's prescriptions , since the revelation of God testifies to God's love and reveals to a person the meaning and fullness of being in our space, reveals the meaning and purpose of his happiness. This experience of life's understanding of human happiness is described by Moses in the book of Genesis, about the Edenic happiness of Adam and Eve before the fall. God does not distinguish people by nationality. If we have different ideas about religions, then God thinks differently from us. LEARN MORE
    God in our space (a posteriori concept) we can only participate in the Divine energies of God, in which God manifests Himself in our space, only in the sacraments of the Church, in personal communion with Him, through Divine energies (synergy). God is both transcendent to the world and immanent to it. Because God is an immaterial Entity, an Absolute Intelligence. God is above this world, and the image of GOD's existence is spiritual, since It is inherent (present) this world (immanent) and is present at every point of the world and at the same time nowhere. Why do we have such different ideas about God? Because in the History of our space there have been Gnostic teachings, various interpreters of the Holy Scriptures, who can not always be trusted, but a person tends to take on faith what he understands, what he has knowledge of. St. Augustine says: “I believe that I may know God, and I know that I may believe.” Because a person's thinking is inextricably linked with the spiritual and moral state. The concepts of our thinking also include delusions, ignorance, false representations of teachers, prophets, mystics, atheists, etc. God is a free Person, and a person reveals Himself as much as He sees fit for an individual, another person. God transcends all created things, and we judge Him by analogy with the concepts of the non-world. Therefore, we have nothing to do with the Essence of God, so we cannot know Him. A person is able to sense the actions of God according to the signs characteristic of the supersensible world, but such a vision is not given to every person. When cognizing something, a person is in the model of cognition: “subject, object”. And God Himself is the Subject. God is in another space and we cannot know His being, properties, and existence, since all these concepts are identical in God. No one, no monotheistic religion borrows anything from another monotheistic religion, but seeks only the TRUTH, but the mixing of other religious customs leads to such a conglomerate of ideas about monotheistic religions. There are only three religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (in order of their historical birth). The other religions, if they can be called so, are “syncretic religious teachings”, since they do not have a single, historical beginning. In these teachings, there is no revelation, historical authenticity, or authenticity of the biography of the founder of the teaching. In the Chinese tradition, for example, ethical teachings do not reveal the fullness of religious teaching, so there is no theology, but the basic concept of two opposing energies, but energy, and even opposing, cannot be God, because of a logical contradiction. In Buddhism, for example, a person must reveal superpowers in himself, without the participation of God, and give up sensual desires, which is unusual for human life. Therefore, borrowing in monotheistic religions does not exist. This is one religious tradition that has different theological and dogmatic grounds and is connected with the cultural tradition of the people and their recognized, authoritative founders of religious teaching.

  17. In your opinion, it turns out that a thief stole a baton from a thief. The guard! Religion was stolen! In fact, you can sleep soundly, no one stole anything from anyone. Jesus Christ, who was crucified by the Jews because they thought he was trying to pass himself off as the Messiah, that is, the messenger of their god Jehovah-Yahweh, bequeathed to his disciples to spread his teaching (New Testament) all over the world, which project they have more than successfully implemented at the cost of their lives and martyrdom. And the Old Testament, on which the Jewish religion of Judaism is based, was never stolen from Jews. A new one, As a Christian church, it is considered to be a u t r a t i v s i m s i l u. The peoples who accepted the revolutionary teaching offered by the apostles of Christ were undoubtedly benefited by it. The Jews did not lose anything. They both worshipped Jehovah and continue to worship him. Wind it up on your mustache and mark it on your nose, but don't confuse it. Sorry to be so blunt, but the question is formulated in such a way that even if you stand, even if you fall.

  18. What kind of delusional nonsense is this ??? Who and what stole from the Jews, Were not Christ and the Mother of God and the apostles Jews ??? And then didn't the Jews themselves give up their faith, their Mission ??? And as you know, a holy place is never empty… God doesn't need lazy people, he loves hard workers. At that time, the Jews did not live up to his trust and lost the initiative… so no one stole anything from them and gave it away for nothing…

  19. Of course they were. I read about studies that directly pointed out where and what the Jews themselves frankly borrowed from religion and mythology from the more developed peoples at that time (with which they intersected) when they created a religion for themselves.

  20. The Jewish people, by all means promoted their religion, using at the same time not at all Christian values, do not disdain to violate all the laws of God, commandments, and other restrictions. Incitement, manipulation, playing on greed, physical violence, it all boiled up and overwhelmed all other religions by leaps and bounds. So much blood was spilled that no war has ever claimed so many lives. For Russia, at least, this was a terrible consequence, as a result of which we lost 5,000 years of history, and we need to thank for this the Jews who forcibly led the state to this, embedding themselves in state structures, the economy, social security, and instilling class separateness in people, giving some people the right to rule others.

    So I think that the Jewish god served humanity as a third leg. And I think it would be better if they never found out about it.

  21. And who appropriated their god?

    Who needs a fictional god?

    Who cares if God forbids stealing donkeys from a neighbor?

    Does your neighbor have a donkey?

    We have our own God, who will not advise us such nonsense.

    That's what they've appropriated, even though it says don't steal from them.

    True, it turned out clumsily.

    Our God is the King of Rome.

    They have a beggar.

    Our Russian was born in a Grand Ducal family as the Third Child with the help of his father, mother and God.

    They have the first one and only with the help of mom and fairy tales.

    Our hero was crucified by the Magus Vseslav of Polotsk.

    They have soldiers of Italian Rome, which did not exist in nature.

    We had a Crucifixion on the bank of the Golden Horn in 1185, as Christ himself wrote in the Word Igor's regiment.

    They have it in the 1st century and on the mountain.

    We have Resurrected in an hour and on the ship.

    They have it in three days and in the cave.

    Our man had a wife and children.

    They have neither.

    Nash created a modern Russian language, based on the Letter Cap.

    They have 0.

    Our people built hundreds of temples.


    Our artist has written hundreds of works.


    Ours has conquered Europe and Asia


    Our people lived for 144 years.

    They have 33 and ascended with the body. This is very convenient-you don't have to show your body.

    And it exists on earth, only under a different name.

    Tell me which one?

  22. Who told you that Jesus is a Jewish god???

    The name of the Jewish god is Yahweh, believe me, as a student of religious studies.

    And Christians raised the name of Jesus on their banners, and began to impose a monopoly on religion to the rest of the world.

    But the fact that Christianity itself came out of Judaism is true, in fact, like Islam. The source of these religions is the same.

    If you drop a little deeper, the image of Jesus was “borrowed” by Christians from the image of the god of Light Balder.

    You can read more about this in my article: https://vk.com/id244131075?w=wall244131075_453

  23. stupid question, we Jews don't care about the beliefs of other peoples, just don't touch us. and what other religions have come up with is up to you.

    in any case, Christianity (not counting the Trinity) and Islam are monotheism and on the right path to the truth

  24. In the beginning, God was Common. But when most people refused It, then God made a covenant with Abraham. And he promised Abraham that, through the descendants of Abraham, He would reveal Himself in one of these descendants – the Mashiach (Mission, Christ)-Its Most Important Representative, and the descendants of Abraham and other nations themselves.
    But not all descendants (Jews) believed the Chief Representative, mainly because of corrupt officials who lied for the sake of power and money, that it was not Him. Many people believed the lies of corrupt officials. And they remained in the opinion that God's Representative is the Mashiach (Mission) I haven't arrived yet.
    And those of the descendants who believed “shared God” with other nations, as God promised.
    In general, “God was divided”, although He was not divided. How to “divide God”.
    It's just that people who mostly do not believe the Mashiach(Mission in Latin, Christ in Greek) mistakenly believe that they have different Gods. This erroneous version was distributed among a certain number of people.
    In general, everything is confused, but God is still One.
    It's just that for other nations, He commanded to “circumcise the heart”(inner self), and not the foreskin, as He commanded the Jews. Because the circumcision of the foreskin was needed only as a symbol of the importance of “circumcising” one's carnal vices – cleansing one's inner nature of them. This point is also perceived by Jews as a difference, although in fact the difference is only physical, which is not important for God at all.
    So there was no “theft”.
    And the Jews will tell you that nothing happens without God's permission or Desire.
    But don't confuse allowing with Willing Of god. Evil is permitted, but not Desired. God does not want evil, but only allows it until the time comes. And He wants only good and, accordingly, what He Wants, He does. And what he doesn't Want, he doesn't do.
    In general, God wanted all nations to turn to Him, through the help of the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Jews). But some of the descendants of the Messenger of God did not obey, and we have a division into religions.
    Although the correct following of God is called Faith – in Latin “truth”(you can “righteousness” – correctness, truthfulness). And, accordingly, Faith is not following the interwoven traditions and instructions of people, but following the true instructions of God.
    The difference is that God requires first of all to fulfill the commandments inwardly truthfully: do not steal, do not lie, do not covet other people's things, … and to behave decently for the inner and outer ones.
    And religion requires only outwardly performing ostentatious rituals, and it is not interested in internal honesty. Because she's only interested in income.

  25. God did what He promised. And faith, obedience, the Son, and sacrifice are at the origin of the Abrahamic religions…

    You think only of the Jewish people… Pride… You don't think about all the people to whom God, through Abraham, promised to give salvation. After all, Christ (the Messiah, Moshiach) is promised by the prophets… God stopped Abraham from sacrificing his son… God, knowing that His own people would not accept Him, still gave a Son to the World. End-to-end encryption of the Bible is when one episode of scripture explains another. Abraham obeyed God, and it was imputed to Him as Righteousness. Whoever believes in Jesus according to the testimony of the Apostles, his sins are forgiven for life. The laws of God (Moses) are not abrogated anywhere. Jesus said that he had come to fulfill the Law, not to abolish it.

    “And all the peoples of the earth will be blessed in your seed, because you have obeyed my voice.”

    Quite logically, the appearance of the Messiah (Jesus Christ, about whom the Apostles testified), at the moment when the Pharisees formalized the ORAL LAWS OF MOSES (Talmud) in a written work. It started 200 years before Jesus. After all, Moses in the Pentateuch forbade supplementing Its Laws…. The Talmud supplements and actually rewrites It. In addition, almost the entire Book of the prophet Daniel is about the last time before Christ (the Messiah, Moshiach), counting down the weeks when Christ will appear.

    1. And they came to the place of which God had told him; and Abraham built an altar there, and laid out the wood, and bound his son Isaac, and laid him on the altar on top of the wood.
    2. So Abraham stretched out his hand and took the knife to kill his son.
    3. But an angel of the Lord called to him from heaven and said, ” Abraham! Abraham! He said, ” Here I am.”
    4. The angel said, ” Do not lay your hand on the boy or do anything to him, for now I know that you fear God and have not withheld your son, your only son, from Me.”

    (And God, knowing what would happen to Christ, the Messiah, and His Son, was not sorry to give Him to the world.)

    1. And Abraham lifted up his eyes, and saw, and, behold, behind him was a ram entangled in a thicket with its horns. So Abraham went and took the ram and offered it as a burnt offering in place of his son.
    2. And Abraham called the name of the place Jehovah-jireh. Therefore even now it is said, ” In the mountain of the Lord it will be seen.”
    3. And the Angel of the Lord called to Abraham a second time from heaven
    4. And he said, I swear by myself, saith the LORD, because thou hast done this work, and hast not withheld thy son, thine only son.,
    5. then will I bless you and bless you, and multiply your seed as the stars of heaven and as the sand on the seashore; and your seed will possess the cities of their enemies;

    18. and all the peoples of the earth will be blessed in your seed, because you have obeyed my voice.

    (Genesis 22: 9-18)

    Thus faith, obedience, the Son, and sacrifice circle around the foundation of the Abrahamic religions. This is the key that shows why Christianity was successful, and the Temple of the Jews was soon destroyed, and in its place became the temple of Al-Aqsa, like a castle. Why Christianity is persecuted and now simply erased. It is probably difficult for you to compare the Satanism of pop music with world power, the prosperity of Israel, the idea of Moshiach, the erasure of Christianity in Europe ( and not only), “Sodomy”, against which it is the Laws of Moses (Tanakh)(there is no mention of this in the Gospel.)

    So, the “thieves” turned out to be fighters of “Sodomy” and other things that are from the evil one. And whose side are the” Sons ” on and for whom are they trying?

  26. If we consider that the Jewish people themselves stole the idea and all the main content of the Abrahamic mythology from the Egyptians, and those, in turn, from the Babylonians and Sumerians, then it is difficult to talk about their superiority and some bonuses from the subsequent use of this franchise )

  27. After the crucifixion of Christ, the Jewish state was destroyed, due to separatist policies, the people were largely exterminated and dispersed, and had to disappear like many other nations. However, this did not happen. Thus, let's go, because these peoples, despite all the persecutions they arrange for the Jews from time to time, precisely because of the veneration of God, there is sufficient mercy for their preservation as a people.

  28. It was good, because during the Jewish pogroms, priests in churches stopped people from committing atrocities, reminding them that Jesus Christ was a Jew.

  29. “And God said: let us make man in Our image, in Our likeness, …” From these words it is clear that God created man, and not a Jew, not a Russian, not a German, etc. Nationalities began to appear after the fall of the Tower of Babel, when people began to speak different languages. And it is also logical that God created man, and not vice versa, so a person cannot appropriate for himself what does not belong to him.

  30. This is a strange question and essentially wrong.Jesus took upon himself the sins of all,and died for them.and the theft usually takes place in a supermarket.Set your head to be positive, not provocative.Or do you earn karma for yourself?Then I'm sorry for you.

  31. Sir read carefully historical and other documents. Sources.
    It was not the world that appropriated the Jewish god, but the Jews who gave half the world their god. How? Giving their women to fuck all the tribes and peoples in a row and thus rising to the heights of power. Am I lying? No! Look who the wives of our former rulers are and even they themselves smell…

  32. Jews and their professional missionaries of religion-Judeo-Christianity and the Jewish god-themselves introduced into countries and peoples around the world in order for the Jewish god to pass the rite of baptism and pray to him and pay Church Tithes to the treasury of the Synod . In addition, the Patriarch himself “anointed” the King for the kingdom, conducting the Rite of anointing and had Enormous Power in the State Under the Tsarist regime, it was mandatory for every inhabitant to pay Church Tithes , and the Servants of God were recorded in church books .

  33. Good day to you!

    Author, do you understand what you said?

    How can you appropriate GOD? How can you steal a religion?

    This is not a material thing that you can forget somewhere, lose or put in your pocket…

    What or who do you mean by the succinct word GOD?

    Tell me his full name, not his job title…

    And finally, no one stole or appropriated anything from the Jews, the Jews themselves imposed their religion on the world by force and deception.

  34. First of all, no one appropriated the Jewish God, He cannot be appropriated, He can be recognized and accepted as their God – this happened after the disciples of Christ began to preach Christ to the world.�

    Secondly, the idea of turning the whole world to Himself is an old idea of the Creator, which He discovered even when He gave Moses the statutes and ordinances:

    6 Therefore keep them and do them; for this is your wisdom and your understanding in the sight of the nations, who, when they hear of all these ordinances, will say, ” Only this great nation is a wise and prudent people.”
    7 For is there any great nation to which their gods are so near, as the LORD our God is near to us, whenever we call upon him?
    8 And is there any great nation that has such just statutes and laws as all this law that I set before you today?
    (Deut 4: 6-8)

    However, since Israel still did not keep the Laws and did not want to act according to God's will and serve the Creator in order to save the world, the Creator provided a “Plan B”: He separated the remnant of the faithful and faithful from Israel and thanks to this remnant, led by Christ and the apostles, still addressed the Gentile nations with the message of Salvation, of the Kingdom of God. The other part of Israel has suffered its own punishment, and they are probably neither cold nor hot from the acceptance of the Gospel by other nations ( although there are nuances both in the direction of benefit and harm, but in general this does not mean anything to them)…But the pagans have a certain profit – otherwise they would still be sitting on trees and eating each other instead of sitting on Answers and scribbling their questions ))

  35. Well, more to the benefit of the Jewish people, probably, than to the detriment. One way or another, a huge number of people on Earth, regardless of nationality or religion, know about the commandments of Moses, about the Jewish preacher Jesus Christ and his sermon on the Mount. Angels, Satan, the Last Judgment, Heaven and Hell, the immortal soul, sins – all this has entered the world culture and is taken for granted, although it has penetrated through religious proselytism and the conversion of peoples to the Christian faith. Many people have even successfully learned how to use quotations from the Gospel in response to any question.

    How much do you know about the religious beliefs of, say, Native Americans in North America? Who is familiar with the myths of Mesopotamia? Who can immediately list the heroic deeds of Hercules? All this remained almost within the framework of a narrow academic interest.

    If the” theft ” of religions is understood as borrowing from mythology, then they can be traced almost everywhere, no people lived in a vacuum.

  36. It is in pagan beliefs that the gods belong to individual peoples. The idea of monotheism is that there is one god of all mankind. Something like that.

  37. What do you mean by appropriated the world? The world was planted with fire and sword, and then they started getting davidends and still get them. They feed us with a rod of iron, as Yahweh himself promised them. All others have the light version

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