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  1. well, first of all, it is from the number of monotheistic ones that the ROC Christianity and Catholicism should be immediately excluded. they are biothetical.

    Secondly, the universe has always existed.

    Trying to find a certain initial point in the report will always be senile. And it is different for all religions.

    It is not God who created people, but people who created their own gods for different purposes.

  2. Why couldn't he? And what is your understanding of “eternity” where there is no space and time? God has always been, for “All things were made by Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.” John 1: 1-3. I am a little surprised that it is not a reproach to tell you how the material tries to know the immaterial. How can we know everything material? How many more so-called “secrets and riddles of nature”? Do you really think that humanity will ever know everything that surrounds us? Especially when it comes to the immaterial world. And it is absolutely absurd to comprehend the essence of the Creator of everything material and immaterial, created and uncreated.

  3. I wonder on what grounds we can say that God could not exist( be) forever, our whole Being says that there can only be one Creator of EVERYTHING, just one, if it were otherwise, we would observe a completely different universe than the one we see now.

  4. Why couldn't he?The present level of human development does not even allow us to realize Eternity yet, although, paradoxically, our SOUL is ETERNAL, and the human structure itself is largely represented on the”subtle” plane, but…GOD WAS, IS and WILL ALWAYS BE for US,but Humanity appeared relatively recently and, due to its low level of development, is not able to appreciate even its surrounding world, let alone the Worlds of GOD.!! KNOWLEDGE of the level of development and a little more was ALWAYS GIVEN, turning over time into MYTHS and LEGENDS, and even into FAIRY TALES. Today, the Higher Mind, giving NEW KNOWLEDGE through trained people who are able to accept and translate the most powerful energy packets of information, expects that modern humanity is already able to perceive the accessible reality of our World,the inviolability of the Laws by which all cosmic communities develop,including the divine Worlds.It is high time for humanity to grow up and properly assess what is happening now on Earth.New KNOWLEDGE in the books of Seklitova L, A. and Strelnikova L, L..

  5. In Christianity, in particular in the Gospel of John, this is what is said about this:”In the beginning was the Word, and the word was with God, and the Word was God. It was in the beginning with God. All things were made by Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.”Based on this, we can assume that God �is what was before God. Forever? Why can't it be? In the same place, in Christianity: God is All-powerful.

  6. The very beginning of the Bible tells us what happened: The earth was formless and empty, and the spirit of God moved over the water. The Egyptians had nothing at all, the Sun God Aten was born out of nothing by an effort of will, fertilized himself and gave birth to various Gods. And it's not about monotheism, everyone originally had nothing. And the difference between monotheism and polytheism is only in the degree of subordination.

  7. God exists outside of time. It has always been and always will be. God is the First Cause, that is, a primordial link that has no cause for itself.

    There has never been and will never be a time “before God”.

    It is quite difficult for our minds to understand this, but if we think about it, we will invariably come to the conclusion that there must be a Root Cause of everything that exists. There is simply no other way.

    There can't be an infinite number of reasons. If we do not find the original link, we will have to admit that the world came into being by itself, that is, it became a cause for itself.

    And this is the same idea of God. Because in order to become a cause for itself, an extremely complex universe must have some kind of intelligent beginning in it.

    The idea of the divinity of the world itself is pantheism, which is not such a teaching that contradicts monotheism.

    Monotheistic religions claim that God did not need any original material to create the universe.

    From this we can conclude that the created world is part of the nature of the Deity himself.

  8. “He neither begat nor was begotten” (Qur'an 112: 3)

    According to the Muslim faith, Allah is eternal and without beginning.�

    And nothing and no one existed before Him.�

    “Allah is the Creator of all things. The Only One, the Almighty” (Quran 13: 16)

  9. Time can be described as the process of observing changes in the universe (matter). When matter did not exist, time, accordingly, also did not exist for God, including. Therefore, we can say that from the point of view of the Abrahamic religions, God lives outside of time and simply exists. But for those of us believers who are forced to observe the passage of time in the form of a constant change in matter, it is reasonable to add “and always was” in addition to “he is”.

  10. Well, what happened before the Big Bang? There was nothing, because time also appeared as a result of it. So it is with God. He created time, along with the entire universe, so there is no “physical meaning” in the expression “what was before” when the universe was created. There was nothing. It's like when the temperature is below absolute zero Kelvin. It just isn't there.

  11. Once upon a time, there was no time (in our understanding and perception of it). After all, our time is tied to matter. And existence (in our understanding) without time it is not possible, but something else is possible, without time, causes, effects, beginning and end.

    Such questions initially involve a trap of terms, concepts and meanings inherent in our being.

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