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  1. I will answer as a person who has lived for 10 months in a host family, in a country with a completely different way of life, according to a well-known exchange program for schoolchildren. Looking back, I still can't remember what the disadvantages of studying for an exchange are. Well, except that periodically rolling homesick yes problems that occur on the spot, but no one is immune from them.

    There are only pluses around. You live in a foreign environment, you get to know the culture, everyday life, traditions, habits and tastes of people, and what is important, not at the level of a tourist, but as if you are a local resident, as if you did not leave for 11 time zones, but lived in this very city all your life. Moreover, you get a unique chance to be an ambassador of your country, and after returning home-and the country in which you lived for almost a whole year. Perhaps, without even noticing it, you are changing, I hope, the opinion of residents about your country for the better, performing a kind of diplomatic mission and helping to develop friendship between countries. Isn't this one of the most important and cool moments?:) Besides, you're changing yourself. I can't say for everyone, but my exchange year has changed me dramatically, I think, for the better. Views have changed, and new tastes, interests, and habits have emerged. I acquired a lot of knowledge and skills, tried to study at a regular school, so different from the Russian one, and also found a lot of friends with whom I still keep in touch. In general, the list of advantages can be continued indefinitely 🙂

  2. The positive aspects, I think, will be about the same everywhere: travel, expanding horizons, communication, new experiences, a new language, cultural exchange and the opportunity to learn a “different life”.

    The negative ones depend on where you are going and how long you are going to stay. Among them: jetlag (if you go only for a few months, then if you change from 6 belts, you will get used to the local time for a long time), an unusual climate, a different way of life and study, homesickness, material limitations, ignorance of the new terrain, your fears, etc.

    But it seems to me that no disadvantages should force a person to give up such a great chance in life – to get a good education or take some kind of educational course abroad.

    In exchange for all the inconveniences, you will get an unforgettable experience, new useful skills and contacts.

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