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  1. From the abstract ones, of course. Public in VKontakte “abstract memes for the elite of all sorts” is at your service, only you must have at least the slightest baggage of knowledge from literature and history, both domestic and foreign. If you throw a random pick from there to a lady you like, and she answers “AHAHAHAHAWHAW”, then you are going in the right direction.

  2. As someone who grew up on memes, I have experience in this business. Communication is better to start with the most relevant memes of this time. For example, if you start joking about “dratuti” and “uzbagoysia”, the girl will immediately understand that you are lol, kek and zashkvar. But if you use new memes and it doesn't matter if it's funny or not, it will often cause her to laugh with a slight grunt.

  3. If chan is smart, then AMDEVS;�if she plays ditka, then SMPD2 (funny memes about Dota 2); if she is interested in physics, you can throw a couple of memchiks from “Physics for fucking”, but if the girl also fumbles in English, then you should go to 9GAG, International Memes or DANK MEMES. There are also rakovniki, for example: oatmeal, 4ch, 2ch, “I rummage” and similar bullshit for the mentally retarded

  4. Yes, you don't need memes. Use the questionnaire to find out what the girl likes. If you haven't seen any information, ask her about her interests, music, and medical treatments. I like to chat onA dating site. I made a lot of friends. I also met my girlfriend there.

  5. I always recommend starting with a meme like”CUPCAKE.” This is a new meme like this, if a girl is smart and FUMBLES, then she will understand that you are a cool guy and will definitely be interested in dating. There is also an option to start a conversation with such a cool meme as ” Dratuti)0)”, but not the fact that she will understand it. In general, it is easier to go to such a public vkontakte as 4ch, there are the latest and funniest memes!

  6. Seriously, not at all. I am sure that most of the girls will react very skeptically to such a throw-in from an unfamiliar user.

    But if you still want to try: “abstract memes for the elite of all sorts”, “Reddit”, “LSHPT” (btv device is overrated).

  7. a little different from the question, but I personally approached the guy with the help of this meme:�

    as a result: we have been together for six months. In other words, I advise everyone, yes, yes

    upd: we broke up, but the meme is still good. use it

  8. A guy met a girl, and she was just right for him. The girl's name was Pupa, and the guy's name was Lupa. In the end, Lupa married Pupa, and Pupa married Lupa. My father comes to the wedding and says:
    – I am the father of the bride, I am for the Alliance. Now, everyone take turns getting up and introducing yourself the same way I did…
    “I'm the bride's mother, and I'm all for the Alliance…
    “I'm a bride, I'm for the Alliance…
    – I'm the groom, I'm for the Horde.
    “Why are you in favor of the Horde?”??
    “My mom is for the Horde, my dad is for the Horde, my friends are for the Horde, and I'm also for the Horde.
    – And if your mom was a prostitute, your dad was a drug addict, and your friends were faggots, what would you be then?!
    Then this fiance would be Albert Einstein
    (I think it is clear that My favorite humorous words)

  9. If a guy threw me memes (no matter what) for the purpose of dating, I would basically not communicate with him.
    Because it means that a person has nothing to tell, except to throw a joke.

  10. In correspondence with her, write from time to time-eschker, she will immediately understand that you are a highly intelligent person and she will want to continue her family with you.

  11. My favorite humoreski, any skin will lie face down on the floor from such jokes . Original humor with a tart smell of an old hat . I don't know what could be better than such content.

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