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  1. WE Christians in our religion have made a new movement of idolatry in the form of Christ, calling him the STATE HOUSE.And in the form of idols, they began to worship images,i.e. man-made. Muslims reject all this and Christ is the Prophet Issa for them.

  2. Muslims are allowed revenge, but Christians are strictly forbidden it. Muslims are required to give about 2.5% of their income to the poor, and Christians 90%. / Crosses in the camps gave the last piece of bread, remaining hungry. / There are no other differences.

    Correct Christianity, equal to Judaism and Islam, was practiced by Jews https://www.pravenc.ru/text/114990.html The books of St. John the Evangelist rejected by the alogists contradict the synoptics and describe a fictional literary character who never lived on earth “in the flesh”, “the monkey of Christ”, the false messiah, the Antichrist. https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/The Antichrist#:~:text=Antichrist%20 (other-Greek, 2%3A8). All modern “Christians” base their teachings on the gospel of John,

  3. In Islam, you can not depict saints (no icons).
    Muslims accept the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (and infidels are those who do not profess what he has bequeathed).
    A number of ritual differences, most likely caused by pre-Islamic traditions and beliefs.
    The possibility of combining strong secular and religious power in one person in the Islamic world. Among Christians, only the Pope can be cited as an example.
    And you can learn a lot more if you put your question in the Google search bar.

  4. An approximate list of differences can be found in the book “Orthodoxy and Islam” by Georgy Maksimov. To write here briefly is to miss a lot. If you are really interested in the answer to this question, look for it on the Internet.

  5. Be careful. Such questions can lead a person to high-level thoughts and eventually someone will understand that you need to be a spiritual person, not a religious one, because religion divides people, not unites them. Many wars and conflicts will cease, and there will be peace and prosperity. Do you need it? Don't you have anything else to do?”

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