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  1. Most likely, you are not interested in the specifics, but in the “average temperature in the hospital”. In this sense, nothing better than opinion polls has yet been invented, and the Levada Center recently published the results of a very recent study on what men and women should achieve by the thirty-year mark. Please: levada.ru The results help you determine your place in the society of winning stereotypes).

  2. A man at this age has :

    a) adult parents

    b) children

    Therefore, a man should be a support; first of all, of course, children should be able to provide (with finances, treatment if necessary, education )

    -Also, a man should already have a foothold in a certain city, have a profession/ skills that bring a good income.

    -There must be a place to live. -On the 2nd place(!! Not on the first floor) must have a car .

    • a man should play sports ( be strong), take care of his health,and even better have health and life insurance

    – give up bad habits ( drinking and smoking and other more harmful things )

  3. The answer to this question will come from public expectations and your plans.

    Society will naturally evaluate by certain attributes. So, if we assume that a man graduated from a university and went to work (22-24 years), then by the age of 30 he is already a specialist with experience. As a rule, during this time (5-7 years) he can move up a notch in the career ladder, and his salary will increase. Naturally, most people are now concerned about buying a car and timely changing to a more prestigious one, supposedly corresponding to its current situation.

    Housing in the property is the same status attribute. In my opinion, not every 30-year-old can buy a home in the property, but public expectations are merciless.

    Family and children. In the Russian Federation, there are still many marriages at the age of 20, so by the age of 30, a family and children are expected to appear. By the way, another point is this: by the age of 30, there is a risk of divorce for those who got married in 20.

    By the age of 30, bad habits and health problems will clearly appear.

    We can say that all these status things are garbage and no one owes anyone anything. Perhaps you feel like a free person outside of stereotypes. But to understand the power of these social expectations, imagine that a 30-year-old man came to woo your young daughter. How will you evaluate it and by what criteria? Will it be important for you: does he have a steady good income or is he interrupted by occasional earnings? Does he own a place to live or does he wander around with friends and apartments? Smokes and likes to drink or devoid of bad habits? And if you answer honestly, this information is of great importance for us.

  4. No one owes anyone anything. But it is good when people, regardless of gender and age: 1) respect the opposite sex as much as their own; 2) are not afraid to go beyond gender roles and break stereotypes; 3) live according to their conscience.

  5. If the lyrical hero of the question is going to marry public opinion, he will eventually find that this “spouse” is extremely fastidious. And to a certain extent duplicitous, because it is guaranteed to find someone who will unceremoniously put pressure on the hero's sense of guilt. Didn't go into business? Haven't traveled halfway around the world? Didn't move to another city? Didn't work while I was studying? Did you get knowledge in a prestigious university that is not so-so? And wherever you throw it, there is a wedge everywhere, if you really focus on the amorphous environment, which at the same time (!) does not care about objective circumstances. Undoubtedly, by the age of 30, it is necessary to increase social weight and, apparently, put down roots in terms of place of residence, but you still need to set yourself feasible tasks and not take risks without looking back, if only because the time is now restless. Regardless of benefits and statuses, other points are also important:

    • develop your own reasoned opinion on key positions;

    • be able to protect a friend or relative who is much younger in a critical situation;

    • do not be a “vegetable”, politically ill-informed: know the full name of the governor, mayor, heads of law enforcement agencies and a deputy from your district and what they all look like;

    • fall in love, in case of a fiasco or breakup ― fall in love again, after waiting for a break for rehabilitation after a past relationship; learn to admire women;

    • learn to forgive others, be forgiving.

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