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  1. Walter Block “Sheep in wolf skins”. From the standpoint of libertarianism, he considers the problem of legalizing drugs, prostitution, and others. This is not in theory or history of development, but rather an applied application to existing problems.

  2. We recommend you to start reading:

    1. Murray Rothbard: “Towards a New Freedom: A Libertarian Manifesto” (read in tg here (https://t.me/k_novoy_svobode) or listen to audio (https://t.me/hplibrary/145))

    2. Humer “The Problem of Political Authority” (our post about him (https://t.me/rightargument/110) and the book in PDF (https://t.me/rightargument/111))

    3. David Friedman's “The machinery of Freedom” (currently in translation) (https://ancapchan.info/friedman/russian/) from Ankap-chan, the original is also here (https://ancapchan.info/friedman/english/))

    4. Хоппе: “The economics and ethics of private property” (PDF (https://cdn.mises.org/Economics%20and%20Ethics%20of%20Private%20Property%20Studies%20in%20Political%20Economy%20and%20Philosophy_3.pdf))

    5. Albert Jay Nock: “Our enemy, the State” (PDF (https://b-ok.cc/book/873240/7b072b))

    6. Kinsella: “Against intellectual property” (our post about him (https://t.me/rightargument/117))

    7. Mises: “Human Activity “(PDF (https://t.me/hplibrary/473))

    8. Jesus Huerta De Soto “Socio-economic Theory of Dynamic Efficiency” (PDF (https://vk.com/doc84101837_313440778?hash=b67d22c048bf862796&dl=9f5482dbb113454935))

    9. Hayek: “Individualism and the Economic Order” (PDF (https://b-ok.cc/book/2753482/399d07) or listen to audio (https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFMnakihT6j0QKAdVg))

    10. Стрингхэм “Private Governance: Creating Order in Economic and Social Life” (PDF (http://d.zaix.ru/h7zC.pdf))

    Read more here: https://t.me/rightargument

  3. The most entry-level-our economics editor recommends John Tamney's book ” How the Economy Works. What can the Rolling Stones, Harry Potter and big sports tell you about the free market?”

    We were also reminded of Pavel Usanov's recently published book “The Science of Wealth”. If you are interested in the future of traffic in our country, we recommend that you also check it out.

    But we throw this paste to everyone when someone asks, it's mixed with ethics, but oh well.
    Murray Rothbard:
    “Power and Market: state and Economy “
    “Towards a new freedom”
    of Freedom “”Man, Economy and State”
    Ludwig von Mises:
    “Human Activity “
    “Theory of Money and Credit”
    Jesus Huerta de Soto:
    “Austrian School of Economics: Market and Entrepreneurial Creativity “
    “Money, Bank Credit and Economic Cycles”
    “Socialism, Economic Calculation and the Entrepreneurial Function “
    ” Democracy: The God that Failed” (англ.)
    “On the final justification of the ethics of private property” (article)
    Walter Block:
    “Sheep in Wolf Skins”
    Joerg Guido Hulsmann:
    “The Last Knight of Liberalism: The Life and Ideas of Ludwig von Mises “
    Friedrich von Hayek:
    “Private Money”
    Israel Kirzner:
    “Competition and entrepreneurship”

    Read any books in any order, you can still look at this picche, here the type of algorithm is drawn for fans of system knowledge.

    Oh yes, don't forget about contractual jurisdictions))) Read oetar's LiveJournal. https://oetar.livejournal.com/

  4. Scientific works:” Anarchy, the State and Utopia “by Robert Nozick
    “Liberalism” by L. Mises�
    “Power and Market” by M. Rothbard
    Polit the writings of H. Spencer
    Science: books by A. Nikonov. He is an eccentric man, but pleasant and easy to read. Recommended by topic: “Freedom from equality and fraternity”, “Monkey Upgrade”.

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