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  1. A severe debilitating and incurable disease that will kill you anyway, so the choice is between stopping suffering or living in hell for a couple more months.

    Severe clinical depression, advanced bipolar affective disorder, for example.

  2. If you look at it within the framework of one person, then everything consists of many factors that affect the final choice. Basically, the decision will be caused by mental disorders and illnesses that cause severe moral and psychological suffering. Strong-willed people, even with severe physical pain, continue to live and try, unlike some teenagers, whose psychological health can be ruined by an accident alone.

    As for humanity, it is unlikely that all 100% of the world's population would agree to suicide: at least 1 person will hope and try to solve the problem that caused the Earthlings to decide to self-destruct, or simply will not want to. Therefore, such a plot is possible only if the entire conscious population of the Earth does not witness some epidemic of a virus or a war that destroys people.

    A small group of survivors will realize that they do not have enough resources or opportunities to restore humanity, and thus decide to end the era of man by suicide.

  3. A pandemic in which the disease is incurable, not fatal, and extremely painful. The knowledge of certain doom, like in Byron's story when the earth flew out of orbit and went into darkness, losing its atmosphere. Accurate, unquestionably proven knowledge of a much better world guaranteed for all, with eternal and better-quality радост joys. full knowledge and full personal realization for the immortal soul . after the death of the physical body.

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