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  1. It is worth noting that a person now has open access to food with a large number of calories. No need to hunt or starve for a long time, the food has become different. From this point of view, the ability of our body to store fat “in reserve ah – cho” is archaic. I hasten to congratulate all the descendants of people who actively struggle with excess weight. The person of the future will not have this ability, for millions of years the human body has adapted to this precisely because “cold or hunger” can happen. In the future, there will be no problem with the cold, even now we don't live in caves, and with hunger, this is one of the main problems for today and, I hope, they will eradicate it successfully. In general, in the future we will all be slim. And we will live longer, as this will solve a large proportion of diseases associated with obesity.

  2. It will change dramatically (and it has already changed) a method of evolution.

    From being exclusively biological or biosocial, it becomes, as it were, “predominantly social.” I'm referring to a person's ability to influence their own genome.

    The rate at which humanity will technically interfere with its own genome will exceed the rate of ordinary biological mutations (probably by orders of magnitude).

    In this sense, everything can change dramatically. Not the number of hands or kidneys, of course. But, generally speaking, anything. From programming the child's gender to regenerating certain tissues.

    This problem, since the end of the 20th century, is one of the central ones in the non-medical and non-technical literature, but in philosophy.

    This is a very serious and not at all technical problem. It is not clear what will become of a person not only as a biological species (although this is also a question), but as a “person”.

  3. Organs have undergone a quantitative reduction over the course of evolution. There were fewer kidneys, ribs, and vertebrae. The reduction trend will continue. The trend of the future is one kidney instead of two. vokrugsveta.ru

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