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  1. It is not possible to improve the world globally every day. Think globally – act locally if you need daily results. This is wise and real.

  2. Why not improve your life? This is a class to improve the world!



    1) You are part of the world. By improving yourself and your life, you are improving the world.

    2) Improving your life makes you happy. It increases the world's happiness.

    3) By improving yourself and your life, you set a positive example for others. Inspire others to improve.

  3. Charity, volunteering, all kinds of environmental activities (such as collecting garbage in the forest, for example), scientific research… In general, everything global is made up of small things, so you can just help those who need help.

  4. Find something that you like (since you want to be global, then look for something global). Let me give you one example: come up with a water supply system in Africa (a powerful engineering water supply network) and implement it. But for implementation, you need resources, so become a billionaire, although this will not be enough for this, but you can always attract investors, create funds and so on. And implement the idea. In this way, you can influence the development of infrastructure in dry areas and become a catalyst for global change in the world.�

    And after your death your name and what you did will remain in the memory of mankind for a very long time)

  5. If it's global, then don't do bad things.

    After all, with each wrapper not thrown on the sidewalk, with each car ride without violating traffic rules, the world becomes more beautiful and safer, i.e. globally better.

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