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  1. Religion speaks about the root cause of everything (God/gods) and teaches the rules of the universe + worship of God/gods (or, in the case of Shintoism, ancestors).

    The teaching may not be religious and may provide explanations/advice on social, economic, political issues, ethical or philosophical categories, and other ideas. Religious teachings are also usually based on specific ideas, leaving the rest of the elements of religion in the shadows or even outside.

  2. Nothing distinguishes it, but in the fact that Religion is always a Teaching, because all Religiously obtained Knowledge is MYTHOLOGEMES. But not every teaching is a Religion. In other words, Religion is a Dualistic teaching (Spiritual and material) as fully understood as possible. And although it is not acceptable to confuse Religion and Science, but this is permissible only in view of the fact that if the Religion is Correct, then science (even if it denies religion) will never leave the True Religion, because Logically, if from NOT-A (i.e., from NOT-A), then science will never leave the True Religion. the denial of truth or true religion) implies A (truth or true religion), which is the confirmation of the truth of A (truth or true religion).

  3. Religions and teachings regulate the world and man's place in it. Science, art, and religion all have the same goal: to explain the world and man's place in it.

  4. Since the question is not specified and is as vague as possible, the answer should be the same – It is no different from tk and the teaching can be religious and religion can be a teaching…

  5. The Teaching of Truth is a statement of the Fundamentals of Doctrine.

    Religion is the collective formation of an understanding of the Teaching of Truth with a distortion, due to the imperfection of the consciousnesses that perceive it. Followers of the Teaching (formers of religion), burdening it with prejudices, religious dogmas, rituals, which are also expressed in the formation of religious morality, distort the purity of the Teaching of Truth. Any religion began with the transmission by one of the Teachers of humanity of a Doctrine set forth in the form of a Teaching. Therefore, any religion carries within itself the seeds -the truths of the Doctrine.

  6. Religion-adds all sorts of chimeras to the human brain, while teaching-makes it possible to obtain knowledge in a humane way. At the same time, without clogging up or zombifying the brain.

  7. Religion is a set of beliefs based on belief in the supernatural, including rituals and various cult activities. A teaching is a set of theoretical propositions about any field of reality phenomena.

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