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  1. Any process of socialization of the individual begins with school and home conversations with parents in the kitchen. From this, I can conclude that motivating teachers and parents to love their homeland is of great importance.

    Also, not an unimportant factor in our time is the influence of social networks on the socialization of a child.

  2. First of all, the level of patriotism is closely related to the level of culture in the country. However, it also depends on…standard of living, of course! If your originally beloved country, as a result of an illiterate administrative apparatus, has turned into nothing…Then it is quite difficult to remain optimistic. And the first element that affects the level of patriotism comes from the second.

  3. From the corruption of the powerful and the poverty of ordinary people. When everything is good around, stable income to the family budget is enough for bread and butter, and stylish trousers, and to pay for a cozy apartment with a dozen items of household appliances, and for a trip to a foreign vacation you do not need to beat the thresholds of instances for weeks, there is no need for patriotism.

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