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  1. STUPIDITY is the misfortune of a stupid person.

    MEANNESS is the fault (and misfortune) of a scoundrel.

    Stupidity is 100% harmful to a person.

    Meanness can be beneficial to the scoundrel, but it is also fraught with the most severe punishment. The genius of Meanness is extremely dangerous to society.

    The cure for these sins is a good education and upbringing, which is not yet available in all countries and times.

  2. They say, “simplicity is worse than theft”
    So HERE there is no idea what is worse and whether in a different way What is Better-a fool or a scoundrel?
    A Scoundrel He is a Scoundrel will sell His Own Mother Along with the Motherland.
    Showing your ingenuity going to your goal sweeping away everything in your path.
    A fool-without realizing either the consequences of his Actions or the end result-May, as a result of his hasty decisions
    Also fail.
    It Is More Terrible when A Scoundrel Gets To Power…
    Or the Fool will start driving ..

  3. It depends on the situation and the results of your actions. In general, stupidity is a lesser sin, but sometimes it leads to the greatest misfortunes. Meanness is an active service to evil, but sometimes the scoundrel can't really show up.

  4. I think one/one of the other is worth it. I would just like to remind you that there is also shchvets, and reaper, and on the duda igrets. And probably a priest. Then the merchant, well done… What do you think of them, eh?

  5. Here you will not be able to answer unequivocally, because it all depends on personal qualities and situations where this meanness or stupidity manifests itself. Sometimes if a fool has some kind of power, determination and perseverance, then he can do such a thing that everyone will take up the head.

    Another scoundrel can weave some schemes and intrigues, and drak, due to his stupidity, simply will not fall into any trap, because he will not even be able to see it and will ride around polets like a skating rink.

  6. If we are going to evaluate it from the point of view of the damage caused, then we need to look at each specific case individually. And if from a moral and ethical point of view, then of course meanness is worse. After all, meanness is a conscious quality, as a rule

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