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  1. What is worthy and what is not-it is up to the one who is going to beat something for himself.

    But personally, I don't think names or anything related to something temporary are worth it.

    Let's say you love Masha so much that you beat her name for yourself. And a month later, you and Masha are no longer dating. And what, reduce? Interrupt? It's money, time, and pain. And walking with “Masha” on your hand, for example, is not very good.

    Or again: in 2007, you like a Tokyo Hotel, and you hit their logo on your shoulder. And then September burns down (sorry), and THEN you can't stand it anymore. The outputs are the same.

    Because people come and go, and so do your interests. What seems cool today, you won't always like.

  2. 1) Date of birth of the child – if you, of course, planned it and consider his arrival as something sacred/significant. Although, an unplanned child can have such a vivid impact that you will want to capture this event.
    You can also capture the names of very close relatives, if there were any and they were so close to you personally.
    Some people transfer drawings of their young children to their skin. Primitive, obviously, but the significance of such a drawing is not at all given by its technical execution or profundity, as you understand.
    2) “My tattoos are my personal memory, my story” by Johnny Depp.
    A symbol of your beliefs/worldview/worldview/ideology, if you are sure of them. But here you really need to be very confident, because it happens that now you look at life this way,and in five years it's different. Especially often, beliefs change at a young age, because it is implied that a person understands more with age, experiences new circumstances that greatly affect him and turn his ideas about the world upside down. Therefore, do not make such tattoos right at an early,early age, if you are not sure that you will “consider the earth flat” in twenty years. By the way, there is also a “but” here: If you make such a tattoo, and then with age its meaning loses its relevance, then you can leave it as a memory of a period from the past when you thought like this, and next to it – if you wish – you will fill in a natural update of your ideology, as the next evolutionary stage in your personal history. Well, or as a reminder of what an idiot you once were and, in contrast to this very “reminder”, more clearly convince yourself of the reasonableness/maturity of the current worldview.
    3) Absurdism. Sometimes it is not necessary that something makes sense or is justified by objective beauty. If you think about it this way, then “worthiness” is a value judgment, and it is always subjective and generally illusory. Someone simply does not attach much importance to their shell and with a certain degree of ease has fun to the fullest. Well, why not, sobsna, if I, for example, and pursue the goal then shyly smile at the result of my recklessness.
    As one episodic character from The Terminator said: No one will remember it in a hundred years anyway.

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