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  1. Equality is when the state guarantees all its citizens the same minimum of civil rights. And any step beyond this minimum is due to a posteriori, post-factum, and not the intended difference between people.

    That is, the presence of a medical degree distinguishes one person from another after the fact,while the presence of a vagina only suggests some difference, which may not be.

  2. That's what it means. Equal rights and responsibilities for all individuals, regardless of their gender, race, beliefs, religion, or health status…

    The only reason for restricting or extending rights for a person is their actions and their ability to understand the consequences of these actions (if an individual is unable to fully understand and evaluate all the consequences of their actions due to mental health or age, then they are declared legally incompetent and a guardian is appointed).

    Law is not equality. People are born equal but not equal, some are beautiful and smart, some are ugly slow-witted, someone has a general father, and someone is an alcoholic, but rights are opportunities.

    In a world of perfect equality, if a 30-year-old son of a chief accountant, an 18-year-old daughter of a watchman, an elderly homosexual from St. Petersburg and a Tajik grandmother apply for the position of director of a transport shop, then the decision-maker will probably not find out who is whose son, daughter, where and who is by nationality (and even if he finds out, it will not affect his decision in any way), but will only consider the level of competence, experience and skills. In this situation, all these individuals have an equal right to get this job.�

    Equality of citizens is protected by law. Therefore, the main condition for equality is an independent, fair and accessible judicial system.

  3. For me, this is the cause of riots. People have never appreciated what they have and always believed that no one likes THEM, and only they can change something.
    I'm not against equality. It provides us with a comfortable living environment. The idea of this term was from good intentions. But this word is quite relative. In some areas, they are not even discussed because of simple decency and ethics. It is at such moments that a person asks the question: “Why is it not so for me?” And he begins to see only what he wants – flaws. But in the same room, another person is outraged by the” superiority ” of another.
    Understand that when a woman can live on her own, it's great, but in most cases people just don't understand that they are all different. This is what unites them all. This is equality. Unity of individuality.
    Although it is unlikely that anyone will hear…
    Thank you for listening to my opinion.

  4. The absence of stereotypes and attitudes to each other based on them-regardless of what circle, group, or class people belong to. Understanding that despite our visual differences, we are all essentially the same.

  5. Equality is �equal �opportunities �in �achieving �any �not �entering �in �contradiction �with �law �purposes �for �any �person �out �based on �from �gender, race, orientation, color �skin, ethnic �of origin, region �of residence, native �language, religion, food �and �reproductive �preferences (vegetarianism, veganism; many children/childfree), the presence �different �physical �features (ryzhevolosoj, albinism, vitiligo, heterochromia darling �spots left-handedness, excessive �weight, low �or �very �high �growth, dyslexia) �or �disability. These �opportunities �intended �to provide �state (specify – state �intended �to provide �it �opportunities �achieve �those �or �other �purposes and �not �himself �result; i.e. �if �in �state �no �such �phenomenon �corruption, cronyism, lack of accountability �officials �taxpayers �and �deputies voters discrimination �for �any �signs – the �in �this �state �any �citizen �has �opportunities �implement �your �rights �on �practice �and �to �result �which �he �committed). The state �same �intended �and �to implement �control� for� legality� tools used� citizens� for� achieve� their� purposes. This is what is called equality.

  6. Something impossible, or not reflecting the aspirations of society, but something worth striving for.

    Why isn't it reflective? A simple example: a neurosurgeon and a drunk. Which of them do you trust with the right to choose the course of the state (the right to vote and be elected)?

    Why the impossible? Example: equal access to conscription in the armed forces. In general, women are much less equipped for military operations than men.

  7. theoretically, the equality � necessary rights �necessary, but almost �this means �increase �number of responsibilities and rights �still �and �to compete �have � for �for �their � compliance �no �to monitor not � �going �.

    equality �a �consider � �as �the opportunity � to collide with �more �weak � and justify �your � rotten �insides.

    I �not �believe in �equality in everyday �life, �equality � between � �a man and a woman, but before the law �we �all �needs �to be equal ,and �as well �I �think � that � and �retirement � �and �men and women �needs �to go in one � age .let the man � will �defender , the owner ( �is at the end �all �in the most� nature� it� laid),and the woman will be� it� to maintain, but at a reasonable� �behavior.

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