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  1. My relatives told me “The main thing is to be a good person”, they have something similar to “live life like a person” and other minor changes.
    If “living life” is a matter of philosophical consideration, rather than biological, then it throws us back to the meaning of existence itself. For a long time, the philosophy of the meaning of being has changed. And now at the stage of existentialism, where there is no meaning of good and bad, there is an absurdity, it is an awareness of the subjectivity and artificiality of one's own goal of existence, and this leads to a Person of the Absurd, whose meaning of life is absurd.
    Personally, I found the optimal meaning of my absurdity and built it into Progress and Art. “Living life” for me means making the most of what evolution has given us-intelligence, because every bacterium can reproduce and respond to stimuli. It was intelligence that gave us all the privileges of the 21st century, not religion, war and patriotism.

  2. Each person has their own opinion about this. It all depends on their worldview, morals, and goals. Someone to live a life – to achieve success in certain sciences, the other-to create and raise a good family. Everything is abstract here.

    Personally, I think this is to achieve inner harmony with the spiritual and material world, and most likely to devote yourself to painting in such a way that people understand You and Your “head”.

    P.S. don't criticize the 14-year-old 'philosopher' too much;^)

  3. To live life is to live without death, to die without life. Find a way to live without dying. Creativity, love, interest, because at the root of all human actions is the fear of death, and only by accepting it do we begin to truly live.

  4. To live life is not a field to cross. Don't swim across the river. Don't move the train. To live life is to live! Live, love, suffer and believe! Live shit, love shit, suffer in shit and believe in shit! That's what it means to live life. Here!

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