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  1. Before you can claim the spiritual path and, even more so, the Path of following the Master's Teachings, you will need to understand that consciousness in a person, that is, the mind, has several stages of development. From a primitive instinctive consumer perception of reality, to a high level of spirituality, which gives rise to the understanding of overcoming the main evil in oneself – oneself.

    To transcend oneself is to awaken to awareness, to the existence of a moving consciousness from an idea born of fear for one's lousy future to a direct perception of oneself in being, where death (not of the body) will be the only transcending factor in the transformation of unconsciousness into intelligence.

    Fear for your future does not create so much mistakes in words and actions, but rather a direct betrayal of yourself in God, which strengthens your position on the side of the Devil, that is, the mind with which you are forced to be identified. Until a person is freed from this identification of the “I”with the contents of the mind, and, in fact, from this” I ” as a carrier of faith, ideologies, cultures, traditions, he will resist himself, although in the person of other people, nations, communities and individuals…

    Now it happens exactly like this – the average person froze in horror before what is happening, waiting only for “when everything will return to normal”, “when they will restore order”, because the fear of death-to be in the thick of events, sacrificing himself, his body, really prevents him from sleeping, prevents him from enjoying his own lousy state of calm and cheap guarantees for the future. This is how the herd works, the majority, because this is how a person works – the only redneck in us.

    Being divided within yourself by fear, not knowing yourself, not trusting yourself, sooner or later, politics inevitably throws you into the fight for your “rights and freedoms”, and with the belief that God is with us. This is what makes you a fanatical fighter in a critical situation, a fighter against evil for truth and justice. But a fighter not with yourself, not with the unconsciousness within you – the true and only evil in a person, the Devil incarnate – but with another, as you think – the main cause of your inferiority and failure.

    However, you are always the loser, because you remain a puppet of your own unconsciousness, which is now easily manipulated by those to whom you delegated your voice, giving them the opportunity to control your fate and life.

    This is how society creates and encourages idiots, adherents of faith and politics, which you adopt out of fear for your lousy present and dubious future, imbued with hope and the herd instinct that it will be better…

    It will not, the cause of evil remains!

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