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    • Devices of a patriarchal family (“Father is the head of the family”). I adhere to the partnership family of equality (“We all work together”). I do not accept the concept of women as housewives and keepers of the hearth, and men are necessarily the breadwinner and center of the universe.�
    • Mandatory religious commitment.
    • Rejection of something new, modified.�

    • Disdain for Feminism, LGBT people, and Childfree.

    • Not the dynamism of life, stagnation, “stability”.�
    • A brake on social progress.�

    • A hierarchical society (“A person not of our level”).�

    • Xenophobia and racism, primarily directed at people of other religions (“Heretical Catholics”).
      I will explain right away that I described some of them based on very conservative representatives and specifically how this conservatism proceeds in Russia.
  1. Both in the question and in the previous answers, it is felt that people simply do not know the terminology. Traditions are something that is passed down by groups of people from generation to generation. Traditionalism is very specific philosophical and sociological doctrine created by French and Italian occultists at the turn of the XIX and XX centuries in the “beautiful era”, then poured into the ideological Foundation of fascism and Nazism, which then died, and in 1970-e years it was revived in Russia Mamleeva circle-Golovin and from there gradually seized several dozen minds in Eastern and even Western Europe. Now it is represented by the” Russian Islam ” of the late Dzhemal, the Eurasians of Dugin and several fragments of Limonov's national balls and border occult groups. Traditional values is a simulacrum of Kremlin propaganda, introduced during the Volodin administration to replace Surkov's simulacra of “sovereign democracy”and” national leader.” This phrase was not used so widely in the media in Russia until 2014.

    Both the second and third are lies. And that's what I personally dislike most about them. No such” traditions “(as in the traditional values implied by” patriots”) have ever existed in pagan Russia, the Christian kingdom, the Romanov Empire, Soviet Russia, and even more so in post-Soviet Russia. This is a fiction, a declaration that no one has ever lived by and that doesn't even have a permanent list of “values”that don't contradict each other. �Every publicist (usually not scientists) it forms its own list of “traditional values”, and they differ only in the degree of obscurantism and absurdity: one can be “communist”, another – “Slavic”, the third – “Alexandrotretievsky”, the fourth – “Alexandrovtorym”, etc. As a single system they do not exist.

    A person often does not like the world in which he lives, and he dreams of going back to the past, to the world that was the golden age, and canceling it.�the historical fork after which “everything went wrong”. This phenomenon is well known in psychology and psychiatry, when treating depression, in particular, cognitive explanation to the person that this “golden age” he did not have, as there was no “fork” when everything could radically go differently. Dreaming of this “golden age”, the unemployed intellectuals of France and Italy, frightened by the technocratic era of the late 19th century, composed a legend about the “great wisdom of the ancients”, wrote half of the works and ideas attributed to them to this day instead of these mythical “ancients”, compiled textbooks of ancient Egyptian magic, medieval occult philosophy, etc.Dreaming of their “golden age”, the Slavophiles of the 1870s composed most of the “Russian folk songs” and performances. But all this is a simulacrum, a lie, an anti-scientific fantasy, and there is no significant difference between the patriotic tales of ” holy Russia “and the novels of the Witcher series. Ethnographic data usually sharply diverge from official fiction: it is enough to compare children's books of epics and authentic records of folk folklore, even if edited by Afanasyev, not to mention the publications of the Institute of Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

  2. Oh, you're my boy! You were struck by a new question. Fighting the imperfections of this world again?))) I'll even try to answer you here, as best I can…

    If we face the truth, consumerism is condemned by those who remember, so to speak, the origins.If you take the views of the life of “pure Christianity”, then yes-the ideal when you wander through the desert with a bare ass. And here, you meet the same holopopik. But you have sneakers on your fungal fins, and he doesn't. So you lend him one of your slippers to encourage better feelings. Everything is beautiful – everything is beautiful.� You, like an idiot, continue to roam in the same slate. And he. But how noble!

    This idea was evident in the early Christians. But gradually they learned to make their own property. And so, Protestantism emerged. Those who are eager to hang around with a naked ass began to be looked at as finished halfwits. They corrected the whole religion, so to speak…

    What do I not like about all these conservative values? Yes, probably, for example, that if I lived according to their schedule, I would already be married to the first fucker who would be picked up by my generous relatives. And he could have been between 14 and 75, if he was lucky. Cooking food, washing your fucking underwear, and washing your feet …

    My own daddy now lives in his beautiful, wonderful independent Armenia. And by 80% due to what I send him, in terms of money transfers. The night watchman's salary is only enough for him to buy 10 bottles of his favorite beer a month!

    They are good – traditional values! Then I'll be washing the stinking hooves of some shit-eater I've never seen in my worst dream. And now I walk through the ranks of these very “machos”, and I clearly see and choose which of them, in theory, should clean up my pigsty; who should just stand in the place of the monument to Lenin, and yell (and no more sense from it); and who can become a companion, friend, comrade… – here you need too many words, stereotypes do not save!

  3. I don't like conservatism. For conservatism is an unwillingness to move forward. The world is changing, and we continue to cling to old prejudices.�

    Imagine if medicine was conservative and followed a traditionalist approach. We'd still be dying of smallpox, bleeding on occasion and without, and smearing ourselves with baby urine from burns (oh, yes, someone still smears themselves).

    In traditional medicine, I wouldn't have survived. I wouldn't even have been born, because conservative midwifery wouldn't have saved my mother.

    Imagine if agriculture were conservative. No taktors, seeders and other garbage, all in the field and handles, handles, horses harnessed to the plow and go ahead, as our grandfathers plowed, so we were told.

    And the condemnation of consumerism is a value inherent not only in conservatism (by the way, why is it suddenly studied as a traditionalist value, something I did not notice in adherents of the traditions of rejection of consumerism).�

    Finally, there are no universal conservative or traditionalist values. Every conservative is conservative in his own way, the traditions of peoples are different.

  4. I don't like the idea of a unified morality. What is the” right ” way of life, dictated by tradition, and the wrong-all the others. At the same time, it is completely incomprehensible to me personally on what basis the belief is based that if this was done before, then it is correct. All human history consistently and with enviable regularity shows that our ancestors did nothing but err in matters of morality. Sometimes women were burned at the stake, sometimes people were impaled, sometimes the skin was torn off. They banned experiments on corpses, anathematized and killed leading scientists, and professed the idea of God-given power. Tradition, for me, is just a social habit, not necessarily useful at all. Once there was one tradition, then there was another, and traditions don't deserve to be fought for or torn out of their throats. People of the past could make mistakes, and they always did. Why should I blindly follow their beliefs, if my age and scientific progress allow me to conduct critical analysis and evidence-based verification of their validity?�

    Conservatism and traditionalism lead to a blunting of critical thinking in society, because they are essentially aimed at preserving the current order. At the same time, no one can explain what it is good for, except for the fact that” so your grandfather did and your great-grandfather did”. Your great-great-grandfather can batogami wife beat to meat, and now what?

  5. Conservatism is a naive desire to pretend that the world is not changing. In other words, this is an attempt to pass off the lack of flexibility and adaptability as something good.

    With traditionalism, everything is much more interesting. The most interesting thing about it is that all this has nothing to do with real traditions, but comes from the inflamed imagination of Guenon, Evola, Dugin and others. When adherents of this disease gain power, it becomes very bad for everyone, because they themselves rarely manage to live according to these constructs, and it is impossible to impose society as a whole. Therefore, repression and various crutches go into battle. At the same time, it is silly to deny that the aesthetic component of traditionalism itself – archeofuturism, the avant – garde of the nation and other saddling of tigers by Anarchs-looks very nice and interesting. Kind of like steampunk.

    I personally don't like these ideas, at least because I'm a radical proponent of total modernization, dreaming of how soon the Singularity, post – humanity and other delights of life will come, and I will upload my consciousness to a cyber body and have orgies with clones in space.

    Closer to objective reality, conservatism and traditionalism are bad because

    • they put some people above others by their innate qualities-sexual orientation, gender, skin color;
    • prevent the introduction of new technologies-bioengineering, cloning, experiments with psychoactive substances-because of “morality”;
    • they strive to make the relative like morality, patriotism, etc. absolute;
    • prevent globalization;
    • They want to go where they're not invited: in bedrooms, art galleries, and schools.

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